I HATE computers

I just lost three hours of editing on Section 1 of THE WRITING CRAFT: How To Motivate Yourself.

Application crashed. All gone. I still have the original recording. Now I get to do all the video cutting and resizing and retaping of stuff that I messed up the first time AGAIN.


(NOTE: This is not the most current “Write a book with me” post. This is me being grumpy. The most current Write A Book With Me post will be the top post linked here.)

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13 responses to “I HATE computers”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Actually, I backup hourly using Time Machine. If I’d remembered I do that, I could have pulled the majority of the video out of the backup.

    Fortunately for me, I DIDN’T remember that my Mac has Time Machine…because if I had, I would never have forced myself to come up with a better way to shoot the videos in the first place. Losing that episode forced me to re-evaluate my process and develop a better one that will save me hundreds or thousands of hours in the long run (depending on how many videos I do.)

  2. HannaBelle Avatar

    I just signed up on Gravatar, and want to see if my icon will show up. So, I am also going to start using my gravator name, HannaBelle.

    As for the computer problems, Holly, that is awful. Been there, done that. Even if we “save early and save often” or run backups like a crazylady, we can still lose large amounts of work. In my day job (if I had one) I do multimedia development for online learning, and it is horribly frustrating to be working on something then lose it.

    Its also a great reminder, I have not backe up my writing files in a long time. It will be backed up today.

  3. Debora Avatar

    Love and hate them both. What can you do? Have no advice whatsoever to offer, but just want to say I am eagerly looking forward to your next writing craft installment!

  4. Michelle Avatar

    Oh, boo. I’m really sorry.

  5. Patricia Babbitt Avatar
    Patricia Babbitt

    I completely understand computer fail. I have an external hard drive to store files and such. It crashed this winter leaving me at a loss. I have since replaced it and restored a good many things backed up from various sources but lost some things, too. Some of it was writing. New external hard drive in place after careful research on dependability this time and will soon back that up on to another external hard drive. There’s just no end to it! Gah!

  6. Danielle Avatar

    Well, as they say, “My computer doesn’t have bugs- it just develops random features.”


    Hope the revisions are even better than the original!

  7. Roo Avatar

    It must be in the air; I’ve had horrible computer issues too since I started this section. I nearly lost a chunk of data almost that big, and my screen went completely dark this morning.

    I’ll check and see if Mercury’s retrograde. Hang in there.

  8. Larkk Avatar

    Oooh, do I feel your pain!
    That’s it, I’m making another back up tonight. Top priority!
    If it ain’t backed up, it ain’t done.

  9. Red_dot Avatar

    I’m a computer nerd by trade, oohhh Holly technology is like loving someone. The more we try and use it the more it hurts us.

  10. Kyralae Avatar

    Oh Holly, that really sucks to put in all that work and lose it on a computer twitch. I know and feel your pain believe me. I work a lot with 3d graphics and cartography and one thing I’ve had to learn the hard way – do periodic saves. The more important the project, the more frequent you do the saves. I know it breaks the thought flow but it’s so worth saving yourself the angst.

  11. Craig Avatar

    The sadistic people I work with have a good laugh when stuff like this happens to me. I am the de facto computer guy at the office who usually tells everyone else they should’ve backed up.

  12. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    An annoying optimist once told me that this will be a great opportunity to make the revisions even better. Unfortunately, I didn’t shoot him right then and there. I married him instead. Go figure. Best of luck.

    1. Ann Avatar

      This made me laugh. Boo computers.
      Go Holly.

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