I feel so sorry for my main character — but happy at the same time

I knew last week that I’d left myself in a good place for this morning — a nice revelation, something terrible suggested in the past.

And as I read last week’s words before starting into today’s, everything clicked.

I’ve been writing since just before 7 AM, and the words flew. I got 1487 (out of the 1250 I needed to hit my goal),  even more than the 1321 I needed to stay on track to finish Ohio 4 on Oct 29th.

I now have 51,832 words total on the book. It’s officially a novel. (Anything over 50,000 words counts.)

Things I did not expect happened, but they were the natural outcomes of some really awful stuff in my MC’s past. Everything fit, it made sense… but it still surprised (and in one case, shocked) me. When that happens, I have a really good chance to surprise my reader.

So now I’m heading off to do the rest of the things on my list.

But this has already been a great Monday.

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