I am still revising Gods Old and Dark

By Holly Lisle

I discovered a need for more Baanraak, and also for more of the Master of the Night Watch, Aril the keth, and have been adding scenes heavily. I also discovered, to my chagrin, that I managed to be fairly tedious through some of the first draft, and so have been removing scenes like a Civil War surgeon amputating in a battle-field tent. And if that sounds like a bloody mess, I’ve managed to convey the work I’m doing over here pretty well. I’m about seventy-five percent of the way through the revision by manuscript weight, but I don’t know how much of what’s left will survive, or how much will have to be added new. For what it’s worth, the revision friggin’ walks on water compared to the first draft.

I’ve also decided that, come the first of the New Year, I’ll be back here regularly. In the meantime, I’m going to take a shot at getting in here a couple times a week. I’ve missed doing this.

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