Hurricane Wilma Update

Just heard from my daughter. (She called via cellphone — those things are lifesavers.) They have no power, they have no running water, no phone service. The storm hit them with sustained winds of 100 miles per hour, with bursts up to 135 mph. Trees have been ripped up, gutters are down, her inlaws storage shed sailed away in the middle of the thing and has utterly vanished. Her power box has been ripped off the side of the house, lines are down everywhere, and as far as she’s able to tell by radio, the county is pretty much in the same shape throughout.

However, they have food, water, and an intact roof and windows, they’re fine, and while she anticipates the next few days being “interesting” (her term), she’s confident that they’re going to be okay.

My thanks for any candles, prayers or good thoughts sent in her direction during this. Still waiting to hear from Matt’s folks.

The place we lived down there wasn’t rated to withstand hurricane winds. Every time a warning went up, we were notified of this fact and told we should evacuate. I’m wondering if the place is still there now.

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6 responses to “Hurricane Wilma Update”

  1. Linda Avatar

    Glad to hear everyone’s OK. Now to change my prayers to praying for an easy time recovering. 🙂

  2. scottbryan Avatar

    There’s a reason the Seminole population was never very big : )

    Glad that everyone is OK – sending as much good karma south as I can scrape up.

  3. PolarBear Avatar

    Glad they’re ok. Now comes the not fun part of recovery, fighting with insurance, and just dealing with it all. I’m sorry for that; it’s painful.

  4. TJ Avatar

    Glad to hear everyone made it through.

  5. Holly Avatar

    Matt finally got through to his folks. Everyone’s fine. Their house, their cars, their trees — not so fine. Trees are down or just plain gone, lifted out by the roots and sent elsewhere. They have some of the neighbors’ roof tiles embedded in their siding. A huge hole in one side of the house. The roof held, though, and so did the windows. A neighbor’s window air conditioner was up in one other neighbor’s tree that did survive. They also are without power, with low water pressure and undrinkable tap water.

    But okay.

  6. PolarBear Avatar

    Glad to hear they’re ok. I suspect similar situation for his folks, but they can’t get to a working phone yet to let you know.

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