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Hurricane Update 2 — 6 Comments

  1. New handles are brilliant. I remember my dad putting up plywood on all the big windows and then keeping the smaller ones open a few inches to keep pressure equalized … we were not on the second floor, thank heaven. Hugs! Love the ingenuity and can see all this going into a story eventually. Stay safe, as much as possible.

  2. If there were anywhere else that I could safely put you and your furbabies and everything precious to you, I’d be doing it right now. We just came through the floods in Houston, so I ache with you about how little you can do against the weather. Thoughts and prayers are so intangible at this time. I just wish there was more that I could do that would be helpful.

  3. Love the new handles! Sorry you have to do all this to get ready. Those Florida buildings are tough. You’ll make it thru with a few new dtories to tell. Thoughts are with you.

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