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Hurricane through a pinhole: the post-Irma post — 14 Comments

  1. Late to the party (was on vacation, then my Dad had a mini-stroke and subsequent carotid surgery, so now with him this week), but did want to chime in and say I’m happy all went relatively well. Glad you are safe and I look forward to reading Longview 4 when it comes out!

    • North-western Georgia, or western South Carolina, North Carolina, or Virginia. I want to be closer to my two adult kids, and as far from the ocean as possible while doing that.

  2. So glad that you came through the storm safely. We had quite a few friends and family who fell under Irma’s cruel hand, and I’m glad that you are alright.

  3. I completely understand and if I’m ever in a position to support you on Patreon, I will. I left Hurricane Alley (Louisiana) in 1975 for NM and have never looked back, but then, I fell for the desert and fell hard. Hope you find another place to love for the next 30 years and get to move there soon.

    • That’s where I’m headed in the next couple of months — but Arizona rather than NM. Harvey left me without access to my doctors and without a couple of critical medications that didn’t manage to make it through the refill process before the storm hit and that ran out before the pharmacy re-opened. One of the meds was a heart medication, and going off of it, even temporarily, is something that has to be done through a weaning process… which means ‘don’t run out’. It was a scary couple of weeks and something I am too old and too sick to repeat again… so I am heading for someplace where we don’t have hurricanes and tornadoes. *nods lots* Fortunately, I have family who are helping me make the transition.

  4. So glad you and yours came through safe and sound (relatively speaking. Shot nerves are no joke but…could have been so very much worse for you guys).

    Awesome to see your patreon starting strong; fingers x’d you get the chance to move to safer climates sooner rather than later. (Speaking from experience: Northern midwest isn’t so bad if you can cope with crazy cold winters and the occasional tornado warning/watch. Fairly cheap cost of living too, depending on where you look.)

    Good luck finding a safer place to call home and very very glad to see you on your way back to fiction. (I miss your fiction; can’t wait for more Cady among other things.)

    Our thoughts are with you and the rest of FL, Texas, Georgia and anywhere else under the path of hurricanes this season.

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