Hurricane Irma: Most Recent Update

SEPT. 8, 12:01 AM: Holly Lisle

For readers of, writers at (HWC Writers), and folks using the HELP DESK

While all writing classes will remain open, I will not be available to answer questions, reply to comments, or fix problems you may have on any of the sites.

My family and I live in Broward County, South Florida. We’re directly in the path of Hurricane Irma. We’re expecting to:

  • Lose power
  • Lose water
  • Lose phone
  • Lose cell service


…for an indefinite amount of time. The hurricane is currently on track to go over us or near us at a Category 4.

We’re in a good building, we have shutters, and we’re hunkered down to deal with this as best we can, but please realize that with Wilma, there were folks without power for a month, and this is a bigger storm than Wilma was.

So I might be gone for a while, and unable to get any word to anyone. It can’t be helped. We’re here for the duration with no alternatives, no matter how ugly this gets.

Please keep us in your thoughts, and please be patient. If you have problems with classes, my daughter Rebecca will attempt to cover everything but…

  1. She cannot do refunds because she does not have access to my account
  2. She is in south Georgia, and may get hit by Irma too.


That’s the entire help desk staff. Her. Me.

We’ll be back as soon as we’re able.

Holly Lisle

The cursor on the image is where we are.
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5 responses to “Hurricane Irma: Most Recent Update”

  1. Nika Cantabile Avatar

    We are praying for you Holly. Be safe xxx

  2. Dee Avatar

    Good luck to your family! I have family and friends in the area as well, and are also in hunkering mode–hoping for the best!

  3. Tom Vetter Avatar

    Holly, we’ll do the best we can with HWC until you are back. And our prayers and best wishes are with you through it all.
    Tom Vetter

  4. William Avatar

    Please get out. Katrina and Rita vet here. Please leave now.

  5. Karen Avatar

    Good luck, Holly. My daughter is in Sarasota and I have relatives in Melbourne, Jacksonville, and Naples. I’m praying for all of you. Stay safe! God bless all of you and everyone affected by this storm.

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