Hurricane Irma and Me

By Holly Lisle


Tuesday Update

Tuesday Update… Now Category 5

I’m not crazy about where this is going…

So I spent a couple hours this morning letting folks who needed to know how to stay in touch.

Holly’s Writing Classes members:

I’m not going to be writing an HTWAS lesson this week. Not going to be reading and critting stories for the “Party” collection.

Not going to be working much on the site. Not going to be writing much fiction, or revising much of Viper’s Nest.

We have to board up the house, have to put everything that might break as far out of reach of wind and water damage as possible. Including US.

We’re not in a great position for Irma, especially if we get her as a Category 4.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure we stay safe, but that’s going to take work. Lots of it.

I’ll try and stay in touch on the forums, especially as this gets hairy, and will try to post here. But power is an issue. When my daughter Rebecca was in Wilma, she was without power for a month.

So I’ll be back when everything is wrapped up, taped down, and on high ground.


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