Hurricane Irma and Me


Tuesday Update
Tuesday Update… Now Category 5

I’m not crazy about where this is going…

So I spent a couple hours this morning letting folks who needed to know how to stay in touch.

Holly’s Writing Classes members:

I’m not going to be writing an HTWAS lesson this week. Not going to be reading and critting stories for the “Party” collection.

Not going to be working much on the site. Not going to be writing much fiction, or revising much of Viper’s Nest.

We have to board up the house, have to put everything that might break as far out of reach of wind and water damage as possible. Including US.

We’re not in a great position for Irma, especially if we get her as a Category 4.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure we stay safe, but that’s going to take work. Lots of it.

I’ll try and stay in touch on the forums, especially as this gets hairy, and will try to post here. But power is an issue. When my daughter Rebecca was in Wilma, she was without power for a month.

So I’ll be back when everything is wrapped up, taped down, and on high ground.


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30 responses to “Hurricane Irma and Me”

  1. Sallie Avatar

    As everyone else has said, keep you and yours safe. We can wait.

  2. Marya Miller Avatar

    Horrified to hear this. Wishing you all safety, and your animals and property also. Stay safe!

  3. Misty DiFrancesco Avatar
    Misty DiFrancesco

    I hate that I get so wrapped up in my own life that I didn’t even know this was happening. I will be praying for you! Please be safe. Sending love and all my hopes!

  4. Dani Avatar

    My thoughts are with everyone who have to deal with this awful hurricane and especially with you and yours to stay safe Holly. I hope Irma’s path will change and go out to sea soon.

  5. Patricia Avatar

    Your family are in my prayers Holly. My sister got through Harvey in Houston with no water past the front door. I’m praying that you stay safe as well.

    No worries about keeping up with the site or anything other than safety at the moment, we wouldn’t have any of this without you. We can certainly wait for the weather to smooth over.

  6. William Avatar

    You go take care of business. Be safe.

  7. Holly Lisle Avatar
    Holly Lisle

    Thanks folks. Did two hours of necessary stuff over on the other site. Checking in here to say hi and thank you for the good wishes.

    Going to get back to hurricane prep.

  8. Ellie Avatar

    All the best, Holly. I pray God will keep you and your family safe.
    Best wishes.

  9. Tannille Avatar

    Hope the storm makes a turn!

  10. KL Wilson Avatar
    KL Wilson

    Good luck. I’m still waiting to see if I’m in it’s path. I’m on the Gulf Coast and none of the tracks have it hitting me directly but quite a few of them come close.

  11. Troy Pennie Avatar
    Troy Pennie

    You’ll be in my prayers. I have friends northwest of you. Here’s hoping Irma will fizzle out before making landfall.

  12. Deb Salisbury Avatar

    Best of luck, Holly! I hope Irma fools us all and heads back out to sea.

  13. Ruth Avatar

    Good luck, and crossing both fingers and toes

  14. Carol A Flynt Avatar
    Carol A Flynt

    Hey, I really appreciate your professionalism to want to keep us informed and all, but, really…PRIORITIES. You and yours come first. We can all be a bit patient.

    But really, thank you!

  15. Mike Avatar

    Praying for your safety! Looking forward to hearing how you landed high and dry.

  16. Anna Avatar

    Looking forward to hearing that you, your family, and your house are all OK.

  17. Valerie Jabir Avatar
    Valerie Jabir

    Sorry to hear you are in the path. Without knowing where you lived I downloaded ALL my HTRN lessons last week just in case Irma interfered. And I live in New Zealand! All the best and go well.

  18. ANDREW FULLER Avatar

    Hope u r all safe & that it doesn’t get to category 4. Stay strong

  19. Valerie Kravette Avatar
    Valerie Kravette

    Keeping good thoughts for you, and Florida.

  20. Sandra R. Avatar
    Sandra R.

    Sending Positive Energy for Irma not to hurt anyone in FL. Above all, stay safe!

  21. Mike C Baker Avatar
    Mike C Baker

    Crankin’ up the prayer-wheel and other means of invocation / appeasement. We can (mostly) look after ourselves around here if need be, at least for a little while.

    (HSSSST! Cat Gearlach — where did we hide the gummi bears last time? [GRYN])

  22. Giana Avatar

    Oh no. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. Stay safe, you and your family.

  23. K.J. Pierce Avatar

    Stay safe! I’m a smidge north of you on the Space Coast, so we’ll be prepping things, too. And hoping the newly installed hurricane-proof windows are actually hurricane proof.

  24. Deborah Koren Avatar
    Deborah Koren

    Yikes!!! Please stay safe.

  25. Becky Sasala Avatar
    Becky Sasala

    Oh! I used to live pretty much right in that dot. Take care. We’re keeping an eye on Irma here in North Carolina, too!

  26. Stacey Riley Avatar
    Stacey Riley

    Stay safe!

  27. Mil Holmes Avatar
    Mil Holmes

    Prayers and good thoughts sent. Don’t worry bout anything but your safety and well being for now. See ya shortly.

  28. Tuff Avatar

    Stay safe Holly! I’ll be praying for you and your family and everyone in the path of Irma!

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Thanks, Tuff.

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