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Hurricane Irma and Me — 30 Comments

  1. I hate that I get so wrapped up in my own life that I didn’t even know this was happening. I will be praying for you! Please be safe. Sending love and all my hopes!

  2. My thoughts are with everyone who have to deal with this awful hurricane and especially with you and yours to stay safe Holly. I hope Irma’s path will change and go out to sea soon.

  3. Your family are in my prayers Holly. My sister got through Harvey in Houston with no water past the front door. I’m praying that you stay safe as well.

    No worries about keeping up with the site or anything other than safety at the moment, we wouldn’t have any of this without you. We can certainly wait for the weather to smooth over.

  4. Thanks folks. Did two hours of necessary stuff over on the other site. Checking in here to say hi and thank you for the good wishes.

    Going to get back to hurricane prep.

  5. Good luck. I’m still waiting to see if I’m in it’s path. I’m on the Gulf Coast and none of the tracks have it hitting me directly but quite a few of them come close.

  6. Hey, I really appreciate your professionalism to want to keep us informed and all, but, really…PRIORITIES. You and yours come first. We can all be a bit patient.

    But really, thank you!

  7. Sorry to hear you are in the path. Without knowing where you lived I downloaded ALL my HTRN lessons last week just in case Irma interfered. And I live in New Zealand! All the best and go well.

  8. Crankin’ up the prayer-wheel and other means of invocation / appeasement. We can (mostly) look after ourselves around here if need be, at least for a little while.

    (HSSSST! Cat Gearlach — where did we hide the gummi bears last time? [GRYN])

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