Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, Second Edition

By Holly Lisle

Hunting the Corrigan's BloodI know that the previous price on the print version of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood was too high for a lot of readers to afford. It was considerably higher than I wanted to price it, too.

Through judicious use of reformatting and a one-point drop in body type size, I’ve manage to cut nearly 100 pages from the print edition of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood without cutting a word of the story. Doing this, and taking a royalty cut, has allowed me to drop the print price to $11.95.

I can’t cut the font size anymore without affecting readability. I’ve already reformatted everything that required space. So I priced out doing it as a mass-market paperback edition, but that would have been significantly more expensive than a trade edition. Because the type size I’m now using is the size in most mass-market paperbacks, decreasing the page size increases the number of pages needed—in this case by a lot. With so many more pages necessary to print the book, the price on a mass-market paperback would have ended up around $14. So I can either have a trade paperback that costs less than most trade paperbacks, or a mass market that costs a whole lot more.

I hope this reformat moves the book into the reach of those of you who wanted it in print but couldn’t afford it before.

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