Huge Breakthroughs

By Holly Lisle

I’m still slogging the revision, but I’ve had a couple of huge breakthroughs.

  • I moved some of the cliffhanger-nailbiter stuff I had right at the end into the middle.
  • I’ve changed my monster—oh, I love my monster—making him scarier than before, and a lot more unnerving. He now suffers from multiple personalities, some of whom give him evil advice.
  • The mystery boy has gone through the character wringer, and now the cat likes him.
  • The damned cat still will not tell his name to anyone. Including me. So he remains “the cat.” I forgive him his paranoia. He’s had a hard life. I’m about to make it harder. I wouldn’t tell me my name, either.

I love what’s happening with the story, and I’m so grateful for the extra couple of weeks I was given to pursue these course corrections. Sorry to be so scarce. Will continue to be scarce until this thing is done. I have eleven more days.

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