Huge Breakthroughs

I’m still slogging the revision, but I’ve had a couple of huge breakthroughs.

  • I moved some of the cliffhanger-nailbiter stuff I had right at the end into the middle.
  • I’ve changed my monster—oh, I love my monster—making him scarier than before, and a lot more unnerving. He now suffers from multiple personalities, some of whom give him evil advice.
  • The mystery boy has gone through the character wringer, and now the cat likes him.
  • The damned cat still will not tell his name to anyone. Including me. So he remains “the cat.” I forgive him his paranoia. He’s had a hard life. I’m about to make it harder. I wouldn’t tell me my name, either.

I love what’s happening with the story, and I’m so grateful for the extra couple of weeks I was given to pursue these course corrections. Sorry to be so scarce. Will continue to be scarce until this thing is done. I have eleven more days.

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6 responses to “Huge Breakthroughs”

  1. KalevTait Avatar

    Hmm… I’ve never met a cat who would tell me it’s name, but I’ve met many cats who have tolerated being called whatever the people around it have chosen to call it. Perhaps you could ask your other characters what they would like to call the cat and then see if the cat accepts those names… even though you’ll all still know thats not it’s real name.

  2. Annalisa Avatar

    This is so tantalizing! A monster with multiple personalities, a nameless cat….I love how there are so many choices and conscious decisions to your writing process, yet you are full of feeling all the way through.

    Just now I finished re-reading the end of Midnight Rain and tears are drying on my cheeks. I sobbed. Again. I’ve read it several times by now and it still gets me.

  3. PolarBear Avatar

    I’m with arrvee. That is scary.

  4. arrvee Avatar

    oh, I love my monster

    That’s what’s scary! 😉

    Keep up the good work.

  5. NancyB Avatar

    Congrats on such great progress! I can’t wait to read this — the cat intrigues me – and I’m a “dog” person. (Okay, you can stop booing now, everyone.) Yeah… knowing what happens to some of your characters, I probably wouldn’t tell you my name either! 😉

    Keep on having fun!


  6. Adaram Avatar

    Good luck! Sounds like fun, and hard work :-p !!

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