HTTS Students: Writers’ Self-Promotion Lesson now LIVE

Lesson 13A is now live on your student page (if you are already to Lesson 13 or higher).

Look for it in the lesson links at the top of your student page, right next to 13.  It will be either 13A or Thirteen-A, depending on the class you’re taking.

This is an enormous lesson which many exercises; by the time you’ve completed it, you will have a full, working self-promotional system in place.

But anticipate that getting through it all will take you several weeks.

Login to your student page:

At the top of the page, find 13A.

Click the link, and download at least the lesson and the resources list.

The other two are adjuncts primarily for students who will be getting images compressed via Kindle, etc, but I wanted them to be available to you as well.

Also, the community boards for building your IBBN (part four of the lesson) are live, and you can start
using them as soon as you get to that part of the lesson.

All the self-promotion resource boards are here:

Read instructions carefully BEFORE you post.

Go get ’em!  And write with joy.


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