Is Moving to A New Site

By Holly Lisle


If you have ever purchased a class or a book from me using the old HollyShop or any of my sites, please put yourself on the list below. We’ll be moving to a new URL, and I need to let my readers, as well as past and present students know the following:

  • How to get to the new site
  • How to get to your purchases once you’re there
  • How to use the very nice coupon I’m putting together as a thank you for folks putting up with the multitude of things that have been going wrong with over the past…well, quite a while.

We’re not moving onto the software Dan is building for me yet. We’re just getting out of the earthquake zone and onto stable ground so that he and I can actually get work done without having to put out fires on the existing software.

Thank you so much.


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