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In the Reinventing Myself comments, Michelle asked how she could help. Other folks have asked privately.

I finally had an idea of something my readers here could do that might help.

This may be too little, too late. But one thing you can do, if you like the chapter of LAST GIRL DANCING that I posted yesterday, and know anyone else who you think might enjoy it, is to either click the Mail Story to a Friend link here, or return to the posted chapter, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the Send the Story link from there.

This will send the entire chapter to your friend. (Please only send it to readers you think will enjoy it.) The story now has an Amazon link at the bottom in case your friend wants to by the book right away — I’m not an Amazon affiliate and won’t make a dime off the sale, but people mostly like Amazon and the service is good, so I used their link.

Neither I nor my site software will save your friend’s email address, or track or save the exchange in any way. This send-a-story feature is not an offsite e-mail collection thing — it’s simply one of the cool services Geeklog includes in its software. I enabled the send-a-story-to-a-friend feature just now.

Presales — not sales — of LGD will determine whether I’m offered a new contract or not, so having people buy the book in advance is huge for me. If you can afford it, then, that would help, too.

Thank you very much for asking. I’m very grateful.

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