How to Write Short Stories: Outline for Upcoming Class

By Holly Lisle

WEEK 1: How to Think Short: Learning the Concepts Behind Short Stories

WEEK 2: How to Plan Short: Building the Pieces of Short Fiction

WEEK 3: How to Write Short: Writing to Submission Lengths

WEEK 4: How to End Short: Landing The Twist and The Meaning

WEEK 5: Contests, Anthologies, Collections: Writing To A Theme

WEEK 6: Time and the Short Story: 50 Years in 6000 words

WEEK 7: Spin Off, Spin Into: Creating Good Short Fiction to Market Long Fiction

WEEK 8: Genre Short Stories: Hitting Fundamental Notes

As part of the class, writers will write:

  • one short story of any sort
  • one genre short story OR literary short story
  • one short story written to a theme OR written to spin off from or into the writer’s existing long fiction


These eight lessons will also include information on adapting lessons to literary markets, working subtext (hidden deeper meaning) into stories, and timeless marketing, pricing, and packaging information for indie publishers.

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