How To Write A Series, the Week 2 video

Having learned my lesson from my trials with the first How To Write A Series video I presented, I’m starting out this time with a video that I know works.

What a concept, huh? 😀

This is one segment from the second of five Week Two videos in the course. Here I’m discussing how to
present the right details about your world in the first scene of Book One so your readers will “get” your
world and be prepared for the sort of story you want to tell.

This runs just a bit over three minutes.

Watch the Video Here

I hope you enjoy it, and get some cool ideas for your own writing from it.

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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Dean Kutzler
12 years ago

Hello Holly..

I have to agree with another’s comment. Your voice is very soothing. It really adds to the input. Inotherwords, it helps keep things fresh, listening to sound advice/lessons as opposed to just reading. I would add more visual content if I may critique. Either read along more with the words or a few silly visuals just to spice it up a little, like say, a mirror flashing the vibrant green light.. Otherwise I think it’s a great addition to your lessons.

Thank you for all the informative emails as well. They are greatly appreciated.


Cathy Cambell
Cathy Cambell
12 years ago

Hi Holly,
I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the How to Write a Series Course (I’m an HTTS and HTRYN grad and am it getting free, but I’d certainly recommend paying for it :)!)
I am very impressed with the art work, is that yours or your daughters? It is really powerful.
So far I have found several things to be really useful, but particularly the pointers on what can derail a book, since finishing has been my major bug bear. So thanks Holly and I hope this is a better year for you than last year.

12 years ago

I love this. 😀 The less is more approach is incredibly appealing to me, even better is that you’re using your own examples and showing how they work. Shockingly, I’ve never actually read your work; I came to your lessons through an online friend but I think a mass purchase at the end of this month is in order!

Kelly <3

12 years ago

Thanks for the video! Now I want to read the book you were talking about!

Is there any reason it automatically pauses when you leave the window? I was planning on listening to it while I did other things, but you have to have that video up to hear it.

Felicia Fredlund
12 years ago

Even though I go the course (still on lesson one though), I enjoyed this snippet of something I’ll come to in a while.

I also have to admit I love your calm voice. It’s super nice and just what I needed to hear. I felt hysterical a moment ago, can’t tell you why, because I’m not sure myself. Hearing your calm, collected voice calmed me down. And it had nothing to do with trying calm people down!
Thanks for that. Tomorrow, when I feel less fragile, I’ll try to figure out why I was so lost earlier.

Thanks for the unknowing rescue,

Reply to  Holly
12 years ago

I think I’ve gotten the same damn thing, Japan-side. This cold’s been hanging around for days pestering me and I was so out of it I didn’t even think to go through your videos.

Will be checking them out as soon as my brain is functioning again, promise x.x

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