How To Write A Series 03-04 Kick-Butt Cover Copy is done!!!

By Holly Lisle

Exhausted Girl Riding A Bike CartoonJust this one lesson is 124 pages. It’s done, I learned so much by doing this that I’m going to have to rewrite all my own cover copy.

But now that I’m done with this, I have to finish Tales Of The Longview 3: The Philosopher Gambit

That has to go into this lesson. Once it’s done, I can move on to How To Write A Series Module Four.

Gawd, I’m tired. I did not think I was EVER going to get through this lesson, in which I take 23 pieces of volunteered, anonymous student cover copy, dissect it for the essential elements that need to be IN a good piece of cover copy, and then write new cover copy for each story.

I’m pretty sure I totally rebuilt one corner of my brain in the process. I bruised the rest of it. But I am really, really happy with the results. It’s posted in the HTWAS classroom now, and available immediately for all How To Write A Series students at Day 23 and higher. It will appear when you hit day 23 for everyone else in the class.

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If you’re not taking the course but want to get it before the price goes up $25 when I start into Module 4, that’s here:

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