How to Write A Novel: Launch Bug, & how we’re fixing it

By Holly Lisle

A LOT of folks bought in the first hour. Far more than I expected.

Stripe (our credit card processor) held up under the strain.

PayPal single payment processing held up under the strain.

Our PayPal subscriptions option, which got hit the heaviest, broke.

Payments went through, but so many sub setups were hitting at the same time that that the process of adding folks into the classroom went CLUNK.

Dan is fixing this now so that it will go back to being automatic, and making it more robust.

MEANWHILE, Rebecca and I are manually adding all folks with subs into the classroom.

So if you buy via subscription, until Dan gets this fixed, you won’t be starting your first lesson in five minutes, but we’re getting PRETTY close to clearing all the folks who’ve already purchased, and doing this manually, we’ll stick as close to that as we can manage.

And this is what happens during launches. You test everything you can test, and then the thing you CAN’T test — massive traffic — is what hits you on the head with a brick.

S’okay. We’ll get through this.

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