How To Think Sideways — The Writer’s Job

By Holly Lisle

I’m testing the tools I’ll be using to put together the How To Think Sideways course. Along with PDFs and perhaps some MP3s, I’m planning on adding video to this course. The following is JUST A TEST. While I hope you find the little clip interesting, and while it does set up one of the three big problems that thinking sideways solves, it isn’t intended to do much more than let you see a bit of what I’m planning, and let ME find out if it works for you.

There are some complications (aside from my husband hating the way the video looks, because it stretches my face sideways). So after you’ve watched the video, I have some questions for you.

Beating Head On Wall

Freaking survey isn’t working. OF course.

Survey Gizmo is WORTHLESS. Please just post any problems you had with the video, or any comments about it, here. Or e-mail me.


Did the video work on your computer?

Was the sound quality okay? Was it loud enough (or could you make it loud enough)?

Could you read my handwriting, or do I need to come up with another way of entering text when I got to the whiteboard?

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