How to sign up for How To Write A Series

By Holly Lisle

Major error on my part, judging from the number of questions and the amount of e-mail I’ve received on this.

I forgot to mention that you CAN’T sign up for the How To Write A Series course just yet. Today I just wanted to let you know it was coming.

I still have to create the first lesson, and that won’t be available until next Monday.

And I don’t want to have folks sitting around in an empty classroom twiddling their thumbs with a course they’ve paid for and nothing to do until then.

I told the folks who e-mailed me to ask that I’d start letting folks sign up the end of this week…

… But really, there STILL isn’t going to be anything in the classroom until next Monday. I don’t want you to pay me for something you can’t start using right away.

So Monday I’ll send out another e-mail, and include a link to the course, and you can sign up then.

I’m sorry I didn’t mention this in the previous post.


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