How to Personalize This Weblog

Did you know you can make Rants invisible? Did you know that you can have comments automatically show with the newest first, and flat rather than threaded? Did you know you can change your user name, or delete your account entirely?

Here’s how …

You can. I enabled all user options, to give registered users the widest possible freedom to see the weblog the way you want to see it.

To change your user name, or to delete your account (or your extra accounts, for those of you who have more than one) go to account information (the Account Information link is also in the weblog header. From here, you can also change your real name, update your bio, update your e-mail address, add a comments signature or a PGP key, create a link to your home page, etc.. Frankly, if you want to put in a fake e-mail address, I’m fine with that, too. The only reason you had to give one initially was to receive your password, and the only reason you might still need one would be if you intended to e-mail me and wanted to receive a reply.

If you have certain topics or items you don’t want to see, or you would like to change the way comments are displayed, go to Preferences (second item in User Functions, on your left). Here you can change everything from whether or not you see the Topic Icons (those little stained-glass gifs that you can click to see all the entries in a topic), or skip all polls, or only check general writing or book-specific topics, or even eliminate ALL boxes (the items at left and right that I’ve filled with things I think are interesting.) You can also turn on or off whether or not you want to be able to receive e-mail from other users — or from me. You can hide or display your online status. And more.

If you’re viewing the site from a low-bandwidth connection, you’ll speed up load times by eliminating things like my weblog list and the list of referers. If you have high blood pressure, eliminating rants might not be a bad idea. And so on. Hope this makes the weblog more useful for you.

Oh. Addendum, because this will drive you nuts if you don’t realize what’s going on. The changes only show when you’re logged in. But in the Account Information, you can specify your log-in duration. As long as you check the site once within that duration, it will restart your clock — so if you check the site once a week, and have your log-in duration set for a month, you’ll never have to log in again. (From the computer you regularly use. MUST remember those caveats.)

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