How to login to get your class if you were affected by the Launch Bug

I have launch going on. Not going to talk about it, because that’s not why you’re here.

BUT we had an interesting (in the “may you live in interesting times” curse sense of the word) bug that popped up this morning when so many folks hit the page that they broke a part of the software.

This bug affected everyone who bought with a PayPal subscription. 
We’ve manually added all those folks to class, and Dan is fixing the software (and making it more robust). 

Everyone who bought the class is now in class, and the folks who are buying the class are being put in manually by Becca and me as fast as we can add them.

HOWEVER (and this is why you ARE getting this email)…

A lot of folks who bought the class are NOT on the launch list. Are not previous students. We had a surprise number of brand new members come in, and I don’t know where they came from. 

But I KNOW they didn’t get their login instructions.

So if you bought the class and did not get your login instructions:

  • You have the class
  • It’s in your account
  • Here’s how you get to it.

Go to and click the Login button

Add the email and password you created when you bought the class.

If you CAN login, AWESOME. You’ll find your class on the classroom hub page, which is where the login takes you. Look for the green How to Write a Novel button. You’ll find your instructions and a bunch of other stuff in there, including your first lesson. To get past the introduction and sign-up to your lesson, use the Drop Down Lesson Menu on the top left corner of the page.

If you CANNOT log in, breathe. We got this. Your class is waiting for you, and we will get you to it.

Create a help desk ticket here:
Titled your ticket PURCHASED: CAN’T LOG IN.
To get you in, we’ll need to do a manual confirmation of your account, and give you a new temporary password, which you can change immediately inside the member area.

For everyone to whom this does not apply, I apologize for the extra email.

I have to know that my folks get what they paid for, and this is the only way I can do that.


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