How to Find Your Writing Discipline


Believe it or not, you already have all the discipline you need to write a book. Successful authors don’t come with an extra helping of self- discipline. There is no self-discipline gene. There’s no self-discipline fairy sprinkling success dust on sleeping pros.

If you’re getting yourself through life without starving and you’re keeping a roof over your head, you are sufficiently endowed with the necessary self-discipline to write books.

What full-time writers have that you don’t is a system that lets them use the same amount of self-discipline you have to do astonishing things.

Well, what they have that you didn’t… because now you have my system, and you already know my system works because I’ve been using it to make my living since 1992.

Not all writers use my system. My system is why I write a lot more books than many writers. My system is why I have time to write online courses like this one. My system lets me get other important things done, like housework and homeschooling my kid, paying bills, spending fun time with my family. And my system also allows me to take days off.

I’ve improved my system over the years, and will no doubt keep on refining and tinkering with it as long as I live—nothing’s perfect, and neither is this. But it is good. And as I make it better, I’ll update this workshop, and you can download my updated versions.

If you want to write novels, you can, even if you have a busy life already. If you supply genuine desire, I’ll show you how to find the time, figure out your targets, and watch yourself make progress from no pages done to one book done, to book after book after book. Done.

It’s all about the system.
You can do this. Are you ready to start? Then let’s go.

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