Horses for Writers, by Elizabeth J. Baldwin

Horses for Writers, by Elizabeth J. Baldwin I’m pleased and excited to announce the newest book in the shop, Horses for Writers, by Elizabeth J. Baldwin. I owned horses as a kid, was a horse nut, read everything I could find out about them, and have included them in my writing for years—and in this book I still discovered useful information about horses that I didn’t know. Did you know a horse’s color affects the durability of the horse? I didn’t. That’s just for starters. This book is spare, direct, and frequently funny, and every piece of information in it is something you can use immediately to make the horses in your books feel real and act real…and to save your book from being one of those quoted for idiocy on Horses In Fiction panels at writers’ conferences. Baldwin’s years of experience training, riding and keeping horses can save you from enormous embarrassment in your work.

Horses for Writers also opens up a new series (and a new way of doing things) for Shop.HollyLisle.Com. I’m actively pursuing writers who also have significant experience in another line of work or in a subject that writers frequently screw up when writing, to write short, concise Writing It Right Manual e-books for the store. These will run between 20,000 and 40,000 words, and though they’re solicited and will be packaged as part of a series, you’ll own all rights, and all clauses of the shop agreement will still apply. (Meaning if you get an offer from a major publisher to sell the book, I’ll pull it the day you request it.)

I already have two well-qualified writers who are starting on U.S. Military for Writers, and Photography for Writers. I’d love to have EMTs for Writers, Cops for Writers, Lawyers for Writers, Doctors for Writers, Nurses for Writers, Artists for Writers … and so on. After reading some of the mind-numbingly stupid ways in which writers are portrayed by writers, I’m tempted to write Writers for Writers.

If you have genuine qualifications and you have a subject you think would make a good Writing It Right Manual, read over our sales program, sales agreement, etc., and contact me.

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15 responses to “Horses for Writers, by Elizabeth J. Baldwin”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Bettye—You priced the book correctly. People are not paying for “quick reference,” they’re paying for thirty-plus years of professional experience with horses, and information that will keep them from screwing up their books. If the book hadn’t been worth what you were asking, I would have suggested a lower price.

  2. Bettye Avatar

    “The only thing that bothers me is the price; $10 seems a bit much for something that’s supposed to be a quick reference.”

    After reading this I checked at my local Wal-mart and found that the yellow and black striped Cliff notes books were priced at $8.94. Add tax and the cost of fuel to go get one and you are at $10.
    Other quick reference guides were similarly priced.
    Hmm childhood. The one important thing I remember from childhood is I really was trying to please the adults in control of my life.
    I was not delibertly being “bad” but since I’m ADHD I spent a lot of time getting swatted on the hand and backs of my legs, sent to the principals office etc. This was back in the days before anyone realized ADHD was a condition beyond a child’s control. Worse yet, I’m female and it is only the past decade that it has been acknowledged that females have different symptoms.
    Elizabeth J Baldwin

  3. colorbird Avatar

    Colorbird, want to send me an e-mail? Table of contents, emphasis on things writers get wrong and how to get them right?

    Will do. I haven’t read many stories dealing with EMT’s as main characters, so I’ll do the doctor one first.

  4. Holly Avatar

    Colorbird, want to send me an e-mail? Table of contents, emphasis on things writers get wrong and how to get them right?

    Either EMTs or doctors would be fantastic. Both if you’re interested. Use the link in the post above.

    Writingnerd—authors set their own prices on e-books. And childhood is a variable thing. Our homeschooled kid has a pretty old-fashioned childhood. Other kids aren’t so lucky. You might do one on the childhood you and your friends experienced, but unlike more regimented subjects (EMTs, Cops, Doctors) you’d have a hard time making it applicable in more than a small percentage of cases.

  5. writingnerd Avatar

    I like the idea a lot, even though nothing you’ve listed so far really applies to me. The only thing that bothers me is the price; $10 seems a bit much for something that’s supposed to be a quick reference. Regardless of the price, I know one that desperately needs to be written: Childhood for Writers. It’s nothing like you remember, it’s nothing like on TV, and it’s nothing like we tell you, so stop basing your stories off of that!

  6. colorbird Avatar

    I could do doctors or EMT’s. I’ve been both.

  7. Tapetum Avatar

    Fights and Fighting for Writers would be a good one (unfortunately I wouldn’t be well qualified for it). There are just so many bad fight scenes out there, even in otherwise good books, that I can’t help but think the need is great.

  8. CrystalCharee Avatar

    Man, there are so many of these you can do! Historical: Renaissance for Writers, Prohibition, etc. Or natural wonders like the aurora borealis, or the wonders of the world like the great wall of China. What a great series.

    As for Writers for Writers, I like the Martha Grimes book ‘Foul Matter’ for that. 😀

  9. Holly Avatar

    Emailed from a reader who bought HORSES FOR WRITERS:

    Holly –

    I can’t leave comments on your site as I’m not a registered user, but I wanted to tell you Thanks and what a great idea I think your series of “X for Writers” is. I just downloaded the “Horses for Writers” and I will be purchasing nearly all of the other titles you’ve listed as forthcoming. This kind of information is invaluable; I’ve nearly exhausted my library’s inventory of “Topic for Writers” looking for concise, straightforward information that is written without the techno jargon that is understandable only by those in the business. Too, sometimes we don’t need to know every single detail about a specific profession or situation but rather more of a broad knowledge, and these titles sound like just the right answer.

    So, again, Thank You! For all of your help and support.

    Lynn [last name withheld]

    This is EXACTLY what I hope to be able to present with these books. Anybody else with special skills or a writer-useful profession out there who’d like to write one?

  10. Angelique Avatar

    And perhaps ‘Death and Dying’ for writers?

  11. Angela-Marina Avatar

    Yeah, I’d definitely buy that series. I’d especially love something along the lines of ‘Forensics for Writers’. All the research I’ve done tells me what sort of equipment might be there, but there’s nothing on the actual people. Is there some sort of cantine to get lunch? Is there a somewhat office-like atmosphere? Do colleagues chat to each other about Life, the Universe, and Everything? Do the people who work there ever get stressed, or disturbed by what they see? Do the colleagues get on with each other normally, or is it a cold, grim husk of a place? Would a CSI ever confer with an ME?

    Oh, and I totally agree about the whole ‘Writers for Writers’ thing. There are so many cliches, often written by people who should know better.

    I also think quite a few people would benefit from ‘Teenagers for Writers.’

  12. shay Avatar

    these sound good, what about illnesses for writers? for those who want to write things like cancer storylines?

  13. PolarBear Avatar

    Writers for Writers. Guffaw. I love it.

  14. relativeatbest Avatar

    I’ve been skimming your site and I see that you are busy, so I won’t bother you with a long rave. It is rare that I pick up a new author and I never write and/or gush at an author. I’m very pleased to have been introduced to your work, so I had to thank you and let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your novels.

    My co-worker gave me “Memory of Fire” and I have been enamored with your work since, devouring the World Gates and the Secret Texts so far. I was thrilled to see that there’s a fourth Matrin book and the number of books you have written (I’m sure I’ll even like the suspense ones, because I enjoy all genres in an individual’s writing style).

    I’m sorry to hear about your cat. I unfortunately know what that is like. I hope you feel better soon and that all goes well with everything else.

  15. Angelique Avatar

    What an awesome idea!

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