Holly Lisle’s Create A Plot Clinic is now on sale!

Holly Lisle’s Create A Plot ClinicThose who bought the beta version can log into the store and download their copy now. It’s now on sale, too. And official beta testers will get their copies via e-mail in a few minutes.

If you find mistakes in this version (there are new parts the beta testers didn’t get), please let me know what and where, and I’ll fix them. If you’ve purchased a copy, you can always download upgrade versions from the store for free.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy the book.

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22 responses to “Holly Lisle’s Create A Plot Clinic is now on sale!”

  1. PolarBear Avatar

    Yes, yWriter is also an excellent tool — with the added beauty of being completely free and created and maintained by Simon Hayes, the author of the wonderful, humorous SF series, Hal Spacejock. Definitely check it out.

  2. Inkblot Avatar

    I too downloaded the trial of Liquid Story Binder, and was impressed with what I could see. However, being a poor student, I decided that it would probably make a great tool for … later 🙂

    And then a friend of mine mentioned yWriter. It’s completely free, designed by an author, and does most of the basic functions of LSB. I’m absolutely loving it!!

    If anyone’s interested you can download it from: http://www.spacejock.com/yWriter.html

  3. PolarBear Avatar

    I downloaded the trial of Liquid Story Binder tonight. Ooo la la! No fancy cork board (nice timelining piece though — I have a use for that!), but I’ve never been good with 3×5 cards anyway. I played with the outliner, and imported a draft I’d begun working on. I’m not sure how the formatting will work yet, but I started playing with it. I”m impressed so far.

    I had downloaded the Writer’s Cafe trial, but the only thing I was using was the card game. After installing LSB, I deleted the Writer’s Cafe.

  4. Holly Avatar

    Before anyone mails errors, make sure you have the latest version. I got the Character/Plot error already. Latest version is 375_lisle-plot-clinic-v01a.pdf

    If you have that version and find errors, I would definitely be grateful for any errata sheets you wanted to mail my way.

    support AT hollylisle DOT com

  5. Inkblot Avatar

    Hey Holly

    On page one (numerical one, not the first page) it says Create a /Character/ Clinic, not /Plot/. I’ve noticed a couple of typos too – are you interested, and if so, do I just post here, or would you prefer an email?

  6. joelysue Avatar

    Thank you so much, Holly! I’ve already used the Cards Tool and got some great stuff out of it. I wrote up some details on my blog for anyone who’s interested. And that’s just one tool!

  7. nienke Avatar

    Yippee! Thx so much Holly! I’ve got a couple of ideas that I can flesh out with this!
    Hope it sells a million!

  8. wolverine Avatar

    I can’t wait to get hold of it! Do you know when you’ll have it up on Lulu? I’m not particularly fond of working from the screen, so I’m hoping it’ll be soon.

    Thanks Holly!

  9. Dawno Avatar

    I am looking forward to working through the book – I got started on it via the beta copy, had to go off on a business trip so I didn’t get very far. I’m kind of glad that happened since your finished copy is ready so quickly.

  10. Holly Avatar

    That would have been by accident. Let me know if you find anything else, and I’ll put together an upgrade late next week that everyone can download.

  11. heather Avatar

    Hi Holly,
    I am reading through the plot clinic now and so far I like it a lot! I noticed something a little odd though… On page 36 you have no “Cons” listed for the Timeline structure. Not sure if this is on purpose or an accident, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention.


  12. Jass Avatar


    I got mine. Thank you! Going away for a couple of weeks, but when I get back the Plot Clinic, my plot, my muse and I have a date for a tete-a-tete. Thanks to you I have some ammo to point the recalcitrant little chippy, bwhahahaha!

    Truly this is awesome! You’ve out done yourself.

    Hugs and gratitude,

  13. Richard Norden Avatar

    @Tyson: Of course these will be buyable books like the other clinics. Now, after downloading the final version of the plot clinic I am looking forward to the world clinic, but the titles of the other books sound quite promising, too. At this price they are real bargains, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend some bucks.

  14. Tyson_13 Avatar

    Holly, not meaning to be rude or intrusive but;

    You have listed a total of 7 ‘titles’ that will be cooming soon to your website. Will these be buyable E-books jsut like the four other OneMoreWord books, or will they be clinics available for free on your website.


  15. Chassit Avatar

    Oh, if I weren’t saving up for a Mac right now I would SO buy this! I’ll definitely put it on my “must buy” list.

  16. Tyson_13 Avatar

    Thanks Holly

    I have got just one question, are there any free printable tarot cards that can be used for writing?

  17. heatherwrites Avatar

    Thank you, Holly!

  18. Inkblot Avatar



  19. heather Avatar

    Two words: Woo & Hoo! Can’t wait to download. 🙂

  20. TinaK Avatar

    Yeah! It just finished downloading!

  21. jessiegirl21 Avatar

    yay! finally! i just picked it up and am so excited!

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