Holiday Day Two

First night of my official weekend.

If you’re writing right now, my hearty cheers.

How’s it going?

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24 responses to “Holiday Day Two”

  1. Leah Avatar

    1166! The Spy is closing in on his quarry…the heroine. And it is her best friend’s fault.

  2. Ann Avatar

    343 words today, and the MC finds out something about the teacher who’s supervising her detention.

  3. Rabia Avatar

    I spent some time last evening coming up with lists of names for my various worlds. I was tired of referring to City, Other City and Capital City. 😀

  4. Don Avatar

    Low day today spent yesterday watching the 1953 version of War of the Worlds one of my faves. Did 301 today one of my lowest days but close to 40,000 mark enjoy your day off Holly, and everybody have a great weekend.

  5. HannaBelle (aka Belle) Avatar
    HannaBelle (aka Belle)

    1200 words. Mostly revising. I have chosen a way to tell the Pedestal story, and am going to try to just stick to it and keep going.

    I have toyed with letting this story go and starting on the next. But, I won’t. I want to just write this, good, bad or indifferent and get a “finish” under my belt.

  6. Red_dot Avatar

    No words in two days, my main file server died a horrible death. All users down no network drives, no email, no login, it couldn’t have gotten much worse. Good news I made a new server had it up and partially running by 6:30 that evening. The first five minutes of the disaster I walked around the server room hugging the faceplate of the server looking to the heaven’s asking the Geek Gods “Why Me?!” Now I have to run around looking for a box to test myself with solitary constricted confinement. I want to do this to put myself in the MC’s world to help me describe it. 12 hours in a box is what I’m shooting for.

  7. Ceallai Avatar

    No words today, apart from a huge amount of re-plotting and making things really complicated, and giving my Cerim a backstory that will turn him really badass by the time he’s fourteen (in elf years). Created another baddie – also quite badass – and found a way to introduce vampires into the story (which would be quite ridiculous if I took them too seriously ^^).
    Quite happy with just that, though still stuck on chapter 3 – I think most of what I did last time will have to go somewhere else, and although I know where I want it to go, not sure how to get it there.
    Might just skip that bit for now and come back to it later.

  8. Sarah Collins Avatar

    No words on the Edit-IP for Friday, but I plan to get through the remaining chapters (round 1) this weekend. Then my crit partner gets them, and I’ll have one more look (round 2) after she adds her comments. She’s been on the ball lately, returning chapters about as fast as I can send them. This is exciting!

    The WIP hit a small snag but still gained 402. I bet I wrote about 1,000 words though, LOL! I’m fussing with the scene where I introduce the hero. I’m not quite hitting the vibe I want with him. Anywhere else in the WIP and I’d skip the scene for now, but I want this introduction down before I move on. Luckily I’ve got my edit to keep me busy while the WIP is misbehaving. ;c)

  9. Larkk Avatar

    512 words found me another reason why William will disobey the wishes of the Guild, and let Nick go free. William regrets bringing Libra into this, even though she had never expressed that to him.

  10. Rick Avatar

    No writing last night, but typing up a lot of hand-written words and doing some advance plotting (I ran up against the end of the part of the story I’d already worked out in my head). Trying to figure out the next 1/4 of the novel – MC’s love interest was just accidentally left behind on a mission, and kidnapped aboard an alien spacecraft. The characters need some downtime before their heroic rescue attempt – and so do I!

  11. Laura Avatar

    252 words. Not much, but the plot moved forward, which is always great. My FMC’s familiar (a talking cat) got in the way of an incorrectly used spell, so now his fur changes color every day. Right now he’s as green as a lettuce leaf and less than happy about it. I just hope he starts talking to her again sometime soon…

    Good luck with your writing! 🙂

  12. Brittany Avatar

    I think I wrote around 580 words, and when I copied and pasted it into yWriter5, I hit 9k exactly. Woo-hoo!

  13. Debora Avatar

    No words yesterday. 315 the day before. Finally have a day off today, but need to take my dog to the vet. Then my husband and I have plans to go to a movie and have a nice dinner somewhere. This is to celebrate his birthday, which was August 26th. That’s how behind I am on everything.

    Plus my daughter went to the eye doctor, who threw out a possible diagnosis I do not even want to think about.

    That’s what blew up. Need some rest.

    I asked my new friend, a veteran of WWII, whether his time in the Pacific ever felt like a great adventure (as was sometimes said about the civil war). He said no immediately. It was all terrible. Just wanted to get it done and get home. And forget about it as best he could.

    “In our youth our hearts were touched with fire.”
    — Oliver Wendell Holmes

  14. Stormlyht Avatar

    So I’ve been working on a collaboration with a friend lately and leaving my main project on the side for a bit. Feeling really burned out and even though I really want to continue, I really want to take a break too. And, because of the way we collaborate, I can’t really say how many words I’ve been writing unless I copy and paste my parts into a separate window and track them that way, which is way too much work.

    However yesterday I did write a scene all by my lonesome (all of my characters and none of hers were in the scene so I had to write it all. Not that I mind, because I don’t. I love writing one of those characters.), and got out 2603 in it. So I probably netted around 3000~3500 words yesterday at least. Maybe more. *shrug* I’m not paying too much attention to it anyway, but I am writing!

  15. Dawn K. Avatar
    Dawn K.

    Wrote and edited about 4000 words on my alternate projects yesterday. Will get back to the main project further down the line.

  16. Ieva Avatar

    1400+ words. Another scene that I didn’t quite expect and that explains a lot about my antagonists & the way they have been behaving lately. AND sorta clears up my love stuff, this time with a quick make-up that doesn’t really deal with the things that are troubling them. These guys keep piling up unresolved stuff like I pile laundry in my room, covering it wht a blanket when my father comes for visit. (Yea, that says a lot of good about me. :P)

  17. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    281 words.

    I forced myself to squeeze these words out. At this point, I was considering stopping work on the Thief thread and move on to the Mage storyline. I’ve been thinking… which is always a dangerous thing… and it occurred to me that it may be more interesting if the Thief leaves his wanna-be-girlfriend alive and loses control and kills his mother, instead.

    I’ve also been thinking that it would be interesting if there was more of a connection between the Thief and the Sheriff. So I’m thinking it would be interesting if the Sheriff thinks that the Thief is his bastard son (whether he is or not) and he’s been trying to help the Thief reform and give up his life of crime. That would be some extra motivation for him to track down the Thief’s killer and also make it more personal… including the scenes where the Sheriff is talking to the Thief’s mother. And it would also make it a little more weird for everyone involved when the Sheriff discovers that the Thief is alive and a vampire.

    So our thief has broken through the wall. He sees his mentor unconscious and attached to a floating, shimmering magical pentagram. And he sees the Mage reading out of a thick book. He attacks, they start to fight. Then the Thief sees the Sheriff tied up in a chair in the corner. And the Thief pauses in shock.

  18. Joyce Avatar

    334. I am, in theory, happy about this. I got into the story more, which was why I wanted to work on what is supposed to be part of my weekend. Nice little exchange between characters and got to see some of my world building cause trouble. I’m sensing a muse bomb waiting there.

    But instead, I’m frustrated and burned out from messing with my external hard drive, which is acting up just like the last one did and causing the whole damn computer to freak out. I swear, I’m going to start telling stories by smoke signals or cave paintings. Sod technology.

  19. Sarah Avatar

    My main WIP clocked in at 1580…and it was a little rough. I hate boring myself, and I felt for a minute there like I was, but I think I’ve rescued it. My characters are going after the bad guys instead of running away though, which is better, but not how I planned it. We’ll see if it will change all that planning I did yesterday much.
    260 in the short story. I think I like my MC’s husband a little bit more than I like her right now, though she has good reason to be going a little bonkers.

  20. May Avatar

    A new, unexpected character showed up out of nowhere, and I think I’m going to run with it. He seems like a promising character, and will most likely add more problems and conflict to the story, so we’ll see.
    My MC also showed a side of her that I had never seen before, which makes this even more interesting.
    Just a few more scenes–which include the secret villain–until my MC boards the doomed ship…RMS Titanic.
    This should be fun.

  21. Adam Avatar

    about 400 words in a new scene. moved on from where i’m stuck because that feels like it needs to simmer a bit more before i tackle it. i’m looking forward to the next section of the story, and maybe going forward with it will assist in bridging them together.

    don’t know how much time i’ll get to write this weekend, but should get a couple hours of editing tomorrow at my sons’ practice.

  22. Crystal Shards Avatar
    Crystal Shards

    512 words.

    Finished chapter one and got a few paragraphs into chapter two. I am sure that the newspaper article that went at the end of chapter one is going to need to be rewritten, but for now I am going to leave it be and worry about that whe I go back in editing.

    Today was really hard. I was busy all day and then I had pretty much no motivation to actually write. So I wrote my absolute minimum for today as I was almost falling asleep and figure I will do better tomorrow.

  23. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    1527 words and I am exhausted. I have a fun scene coming up next, but I just dug the last 200 words out, so I will rest up and hit it hard tomorrow. My MC gets to run into her troll friend. Her and I have both missed this friend. Seeing the friend will be under strained emotions. My MC brother is turning into a real jerk. It is irritating both of us.

  24. Emily Avatar

    36 pages revised!!

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