Holiday Day Three

About to run out of my mini-vacation. They always go too fast.

But you’ve been making progress instead of lounging around like a lizard in the sun.

So how’s it going?

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22 responses to “Holiday Day Three”

  1. Julian Adorney Avatar
    Julian Adorney

    788 words. It was pretty slow to start, but I was able to get into it after a few pages.
    I’m looking forward to the next few days. My hero just found a sliver of hope that he might not die. Its gonna be fun taking that away…

  2. Charmaine Avatar

    606 Words done on The Pirate Girl while waiting in the doctor’s office (followed by a short snooze while waiting in the doctor’s office). Diagnosis of swine flu resulting in being banned from teaching for 1 week but quarantine has potential to get a lot of words done this week.

  3. Don Avatar

    Things are going really well added some stuff, did 707 words today. Happy Labor Day everybody

  4. Roisin Avatar

    Only managed 206 words yesterday on the recently resurrected story, finished a scene, then my muse politely informed me that it hadn’t done its homework, was terrified and would write the next (pivotal) scene over its dead body.

    Fine, I said. I made a deal; my muse gets another few days to ruminate in the background about exactly how this scene will go down – neither character is going to behave and fall into place, I feel – and I get some words on my Busman’s Holiday WIP.

    I isn’t sure whether it’s a comedy with suspenseful bits, or a mystery with funny bits, and the premise is a bit insane, but I find myself laughing when I write it so at least it gets words down and tension out. Though the last scene spiralled out of my control a bit, which changes things, and i’m still trying to decide whether I like it or not. My character is a whole lot meaner and more selfish than I thought he was.

    Still. Words are being written, which is cause for celebration.

  5. Treelight Avatar

    I was visiting friends over the weekend, but I didn’t a bit of writing, too.
    Well, where did I stop?
    On thursday I produced only 64 new words, because I mostly rewrote existing paragraphs to fit the new storyline.
    On friday I managed 346 new words while travelling by train, which were mostly additional scenes, I think.
    Saturday morning I wrote a singel paragraph (or two) with 79 words, in which Jheyrien suffered quite a bit of deperation and confusion. But in the end there was hope after all.

    So this ends the first week where I wrote every single day at last a little bit. And if I didn’t write much, I at last tried to figure out how to continue.

  6. Sarah Collins Avatar

    Made it through the first edit of the finished WIP. Have a few chapters left to touch up after my crit partner got ’em, but nothing much. Ended up at +196.

    Added 37 to the WIP, which is basically me jotting a quick dialog into the file to incorporate in the scene I’m working on today. Inspiration hit in the shower and I didn’t want to forget it, LOL. (Why does inspiration always hit in the shower?)

  7. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    1272 words on my translation and I just realized that I won’t be able to write on Tuesday (excursion of my middle daughter where I will have to come along) and Thursday (to the doctors with my youngest). I already hate next week…

  8. Ceallai Avatar

    759 words that I had no intention of writing. This was supposed to be the one weekend I spent doing nothing, and by Sunday afternoon I’m hyperactive already. Anyway, I scrapped most of what I wrote last time (which I knew I would anyway) and re-wrote it much shorter, and started chapter four.
    Chapter four is going to be fun. The first scene, which I just finished, is simply a dialog between two “gods” that control the world I’m writing about via an immense computer game.
    The next scene is our first glimpse of Eliane’s father, who is a real jerk. I’m looking forward to writing it, because although blinded by his obsession with power and wealth, he’s also very intelligent. I like him and hate him at the same time, and I can’t wait to introduce him.

  9. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    1299 words and two scoop fulls of top soil moved from my pickup to my new flower garden. I am feel extremely exhausted. Coffee is a must have this morning, but I think I am out because I haven’t been to the store in a while. It is going to be a very long day!

    The last three days I have kept my goal of 1100 words or more. The problem is that now I feel like my muse is pissed with me because she is exhausted. Mybe I am asking too much of her. Time will tell.

  10. Debora Avatar

    Had a good day off. My husband and I both loved the movie, Julie and Julia. I can’t say I cooked every recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking back when I was in my twenties, but I did teach myself how to cook using these two volumes. Cooking is still a passion of mine, and at least you know almost immediately whether you’ve succeeded or failed . . .

    Unlike writing!

    No words, but I did not ask myself or my muse for any. Did have two new scenes present themselves to my mind, which I immediately plugged into yWriter.

    Finally got my hands on George Templeton Strong’s diary of the civil war years. He was one of the movers and shakers behind the United States Sanitary Commission, which was a massive volunteer relief agency. Got through a lengthy introduction last night. Look forward to reading more.

    Plan to take a second day off in a row to rest and recharge. Have a Rhodesian Ridgeback to take care of, and a cat named Shorty (do odd jobs as a petsitter).

    Tomorrow I plan to resume writing.

  11. Khena Avatar

    No words yesterday, but 550 the day before. I’ve taken a look at what I have left, and if I can manage a scene a day most days, I’ll be finished by November. I’m going to shoot for it, though I’ll definately be pushing myself.

  12. Ieva Avatar

    600+ words. It’s mostly catching up on stuff that people haven’t figured out yet. Some action needed, like, now. Well, actually, some action needed several paragraphs earlier, but that’s for edits.

    Also, my weekly goal is reached, but, since I stopped mid-scene, I won’t be surprised if I continue to write instead of taking a break.

  13. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    1050 words.

    I spent most of the day putting together a time-line and trying to figure out if my original planned ending really works or not. I’ve realized that my plot cards have a little bit of a “and then a miracle happens here” thing going on that I need to resolve. I also fleshed out the plot cards for the Mage’s story.

    The Thief and the Mage fought, each doing damage to the other. Until the Mage summoned a column of earth to engulf and entrap the (now badly burned and much the worse for wear) Thief. And that’s the end of that part of the story line.

    And now, without further adieu…

    The Mage goes in to a Lord’s study and requests the theft of certain items. The Lord denies having any underworld ties, several times. But the Mage makes him an offer he can’t refuse (mostly rubies and opals but a little threatened violence as well) and the Lord promises to do what he can. (This is the same lord that the Sheriff finds half dead, and that the Thief and his Mentor half-kill, later in the story.)

    1. Treelight Avatar

      So the Mage storyline plays before the Thief storyline?

      1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
        The Pencil Neck

        Yes. I don’t know if you remember, but I was having a hard time deciding who to make my main character a month or two ago. At that time, I decided on a very odd story structure.

        First, I would tell the Sheriff’s story… up to a point. This would fit within the Thief story line. And it basically starts with him being called to the plaza where the Thief was dead.

        Then I would tell the Thief’s story… up to a point. This would fit within the Mage story line. It starts with the Thief deciding to do one more job because one of his old associates is pressuring him to do it AND he wants to buy a gift for a girl

        And finally I would tell the Mage’s story and finish everything off. I have a wide range of places to start this and decided to start at the point where he places the “order” for the theft. I could go back further to the death of his wife and child or even to his investigations into immortality by studying vampires, but I’m going to leave that for backstory.

        I chose that structure because I felt there was no suspense in the Sheriff’s story line if you already knew what he was going to be investigating.

        Now, I’ve changed that. I’ve merged everything together and put it into a more standard story line. I’m going to try to get the suspense in the Sheriff’s story line not from the acts of investigation but with him dealing with moral and ethical issues, relationships, and stuff like that.

        I’ve still got to decide whether to start the story with the order being placed or with the Thief deciding to do the order. The Thief is really my MC (and was my original MC before my crisis of confidence.) I may move the order scene to a prologue and the start with the Thief making his decision.

        Sorry if that got long winded. But I love talking about my story. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. May Avatar

          That’s really interesting. I would love to see it published.

          1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
            The Pencil Neck

            So would I.

            And somehow I apparently agreed that if I get it published, my wife gets another horse. I’m not sure how that happened. So, she wants to see it published, too.

            That’s three of us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Charmaine Avatar

    502 words for The Pirate Girl, but also a lot of organising and pondering structure. Switched POV and want to switch it back again now. Feeling a little clumsy with it at the moment.
    1,046 words for Dog Show Detective, have a first draft of Chapter 1 complete. Kitty has found a sick little dog at the dog show.
    Should have been sewing costumes for school production but after being hit with flu and not able to write (or think) words for a couple of day I just had to get back into it.
    Loving the Think Sideways course.

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      I think it’s interesting, the story that I put down to return to my WIP had a Pirate Queen as the main character. Whenever I see your Pirate Girl, I think of my Pirate Queen… tapping her foot… arms crossed… rolling her eyes… waiting for me to get back to her re-conquest of her father’s kingdom. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. May Avatar

    No words tonight. I had very, very busy day. But an idea came into my head, and I absolutely love it.
    Originally, it was planned that the villain hired a man to kill my MC–a man that the MC had never met. Now, it runs a little deeper: the man is her best friend, and he is not hired, but forced to kill her, after obtaining the information the villain wants. If he fails, the man will be killed himself.
    I can’t wait to write tomorrow.

  16. Sarah Avatar

    Woah- awesome day for me!
    2267 in my main WIP, and it just flew by. The characters reminded me that they aren’t cowards, and ran into danger instead of away from it. Yay!
    And 424 in my short story. I could write more, but I’m trying to take this one slow. That sweet little baby nearly ripped her finger off. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also- packed, wrote in my blog, started a new book (I Will Fear No Evil- Robert Heinlein), watched a short documentary on JK Rowling and made a yummy dinner. What a day!

  17. Crystal Shards Avatar
    Crystal Shards

    1,190 words on Lusus Naturae today.

    Wrote the beginning of Kia’s second meeting with Dr. Darrin, her counselor, and I am going to have to work on it again tomorrow because I didn’t finish it.

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