Hitting the push

Writingwise, Thursday and Friday were no-go’s, and the weekend too. We spent all night up on Thursday watching the storm coming, getting tornado warnings, with our eyes glued to local radar on the computer. Around 3 AM, we had a couple of storm cells about twenty miles south of us that had produced circular winds with visible eyes, and we weren’t sure they wouldn’t spin off tornadoes in our direction—we’d already heard there were tornadoes on the ground. Rough night; did not lead to any sort of writing that day. Friday, the Air Force kid and I talked about him going to Iraq—he’s in his bucket (military term), so we know that’s going to happen now. We talked about him getting in gear and doing the writing he’s been wanting to do. He has something to write about now.

We spent Saturday with them, and Sunday did the household shopping essentials. So here I am, before dawn on Monday, facing the scene that stymied me on Wednesday. I’m having to cut and rewrite as I go; I don’t think I’ll have anything at all left of the original scene. Now I’m short two days on the Ruby Key schedule, too, so I have to make up time.

At least I’ve spent the last four days thinking about what had to change and what has to go. I have a stack of 3×5 index cards in various colors, and I’m going through marking scenes the way I did with Hawkspar line-for-scene. This is a much shorter project, but I’m feeling the squeeze and that need to get this thing under control now. The colored-index-card line-for-scene will give me that.

I have light on the horizon. Going to get this done.

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