Here’s what’s going on

By Holly Lisle

After looking it over carefully, I went ahead and purchased new, well-supported affiliate software. Margaret and I have spent the last couple of days integrating it, and are still working on it. It’s very difficult, not playing nice at all. However, it’s a much, much better software than iDevAffiliate was, with many more options for affiliates. After it’s working and we get it switched from the test environment to the real store, I’ll send out an e-mail to all affiliates, asking you to come in and re-create your accounts. (Porting, no. Won’t work.) When you recreate your account, I’ll go in and transfer your earned balance into your account, and will bump those of you who have already moved into the 17% or 20% brackets upward. The tools are so much better that I’ll be deleting the Affiliate Help weblog—communication tools are built right into the program, and we’ll be able to use them.

This software will allow you to have a page on your site or in your weblog that is a mini-store, prebuilt. It will allow you to use pre-built single product pages. It will still have banners, text links and text ads, but it ads a coupon program for offsite sales, rotating ads if you want them, good e-mail ads, and other goodies.

It has built in Affiliate Help, and will allow me to create FAQS and static pages that have information you’ll need.

This program allows for the building of teams. Some of you had an affiliate or two who had come in through your link, and you were receiving bonuses for their sales as well as your own. This software will allow you to see who you joined in through, and who came in through you. If we choose to enable it, team leaders will be able to contact their downlines. I’m waffling on this one, because while used judiciously, this feature can build good teams, it’s open to the possible abuse of spammers who join in order to spam their downlines. While my response to this would be to delete the accounts of folks against whom verified claims were lodged, it has the potential to be a big pain in the butt.

So I’d like to know if you would like to be able to communicate with your affiliates or team leader. And I’d like to reassure you that your money is still your money, and we’re working as hard as we can to put you back in contact with it.

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