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Click this link to go to the MP3 Download of the song, along with earlier freebies.


The embed code button didn’t work, so on the chance that you want to add the video to your site, I gathered them up. Copy the code beneath the player size that will fit your space.

WordPress sometimes eats embed codes, incidentally.

Embed Codes:

1280 x 720 Copy and Paste between the lines

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://hollylisle.evsuite.com/player/TW9tZW50LVdBUlBBSU5ULVRoZW1lLVNvbmctSEQtMDAxLm1wNA==/?container=evp-11JANYCO4D"></script><div id="evp-11JANYCO4D" data-role="evp-video" data-evp-id="TW9tZW50LVdBUlBBSU5ULVRoZW1lLVNvbmctSEQtMDAxLm1wNA=="></div>

600 x 338 Copy and Paste between the lines

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://hollylisle.evsuite.com/player/TW9tZW50LVdBUlBBSU5ULVRoZW1lLVNvbmctSEQtMDAxLm1wNA==/?profile=600x-version&container=evp-IC3SA0CAMO"></script><div id="evp-IC3SA0CAMO" data-role="evp-video" data-evp-id="TW9tZW50LVdBUlBBSU5ULVRoZW1lLVNvbmctSEQtMDAxLm1wNA=="></div>

500 x 282 Copy and Paste between the lines

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://hollylisle.evsuite.com/player/TW9tZW50LVdBUlBBSU5ULVRoZW1lLVNvbmctSEQtMDAxLm1wNA==/?profile=weblog-version&container=evp-A8D7UABDJD"></script><div id="evp-A8D7UABDJD" data-role="evp-video" data-evp-id="TW9tZW50LVdBUlBBSU5ULVRoZW1lLVNvbmctSEQtMDAxLm1wNA=="></div>

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Here’s the WARPAINT theme song video — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect to enjoy this video. I have seen and heard music output from people who are talented in other areas and frequently been disappointed. Two things I want to say about this:
    1 – I enjoyed the song. Well written and, from my limited, lay perspective, very well performed.
    2 – Having just finished Corrigan’s Blood and just started Warpaint, I had, of course, a mental picture of Cadence (well, a number of them, really, but that’s the nature of the beast). I now feel that I “get” her a lot better. That isn’t to suggest that the books are not giving me a good feel for her mindset and motivations, but this extra dimension adds, well, an extra dimension.
    More power to you, Holly!

    • 😀 Glad I surprised you. And very glad you liked the song, and “got” the extra dimension it added to the book.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Enjoyed the “Moment” song very much. Downloaded the other one also but haven’t had a chance to listen. Thanks so much for sharing. You are such an inspiration to new “wanna be” writers such as myself.

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