Here’s just a teaser of what I’m working on

I like Talyn’s voice. This is her on her way to an assignation —

Nor did it hurt my fantasies that I’d always thought he fancied me a bit. I’m no golden beauty like Nadee, but I have my charms — two of which I’d laced into my bodice so they poked out a bit, in the hopes that Fean might be as happy to see me as I would be if he were that happy to see me. If you get my meaning.

Work with what the wee gods give you, I always say.

“I’ll be quick as I can,” I promised Nadee, and fled, hoping that I would not be able to be very quick at all. Six years in the Cloisters might have given me the best education to be had, but halfway through my sixth year of ceaseless meditation, magic and religion, I yearned for excitement — and, frankly, sex — the way a klaue yearns for beer.

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