Helping to Clear Holly’s Schedule – Work on Her Systems

By Holly Lisle

I wanted to let people who read Holly’s blog know I took a hard look at asking if people here are interested in helping with the work of putting together the systems she needs.  With so many people showing such a willingness to help, I thought there must be  way to put that energy to work on the systems.


About a week ago I  kept seeing the race into the Oklahoma Territory, only it was writers racing to the aid of Holly’s systems. Then just as I was ready to open the gates to anyone who wanted to volunteer, I got a horrible feeling.  Here  is what I almost published:

going for help

I was seconds away from publishing this.  Click for a full-sized view.


The problem was, I could not see how this was going to work.

Reining-in enthusiasm.  Sometimes, slowing down accelerates a resulkt

Reining-in enthusiasm. Sometimes, slowing down accelerates a result. (image is in the public domain).

Writing a Guide

It’s taken a few days to work this through, but basically, I have to prepare for making something like this work.  With the help of a writer, I am making a guide for the work that goes into making Holly’s systems.  Once the guide is usable, it will spell out the preparations needed to train and support people who would like to help with Holly’s systems.  I wish I could do more immediately.


Can’t we just go buy a guide? We can go buy a guide.

Or download a free guide from the internet?  Yes, we can do that too.

I mean, can’t we just go buy a  good guide?  No, that is not possible.

Are you saying there is not a single good guide we can use instead of writing our own?  What I am saying is, we need a guide that is tailored to our situation.

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