Hear now my wicked laugh… Today went GREAT. 3,555 words, and 24,071 total

By Holly Lisle

First, I need to say that I did not WRITE 3,555 words today. I wrote quite a few of the words I got today during that wrong direction I took in Book 3.

From the mess I made of that before I ripped out those chapters and wrote new ones, I saved a number of chapters that I knew were good, but that had happened in the wrong place.

And I got use about 2500 words of one of those… and then I added.

So today was a bunch of work. But it was fun work, with a dude who made me laugh the first time he showed up, and who made me laugh even harder today. I’m glad I got to save him.

And as a nod to a friend I misplaced about twenty-four years ago somewhere down in Texas…

I also saved the elves.

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