HAWKSPAR Revision by the Numbers

I’ve done 34 pages in 5 days on the HAWKSPAR Revision. At that pace, I’ll need 127.5 days to finish the book.

I don’t have that long. Not with my money reserve, and not if I want to write "C" in this bit of time I have for myself.

I can give myself 30 more days.

I have 867 pages left to edit. I have to do both write-in and type-in. That comes out to 1734 pages total work. But just figure it as 867 pages from start to finish, because I don’t need to look at really big numbers right now.

The work comes out to 28.9 FINISHED pages per day. That’s write-in/type-in pages. Round to 30.

If I block this thing off into roughly 30-page sections, and do one section, start to finish, each day, I’ll have it done in time.

I’ll need to nail down my timeline. I’ll need to hold my image of the whole book in my head, and not backtrack.

But I think I can do this. If I want to write "C," I really don’t have a choice.

I’m dividing up the manuscript now.

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