Have updated my SF Minecraft Maps (and added a new one)

A year ago on the 18th of this month, I posted the last updates. Since then, I’ve done:

  • Significant expansion in Bailey’s Irish Space Station, adding more story generator questions for myself and a LOT of buildings in new wing of the station,
  • Light additions to Longview
  • A lot of new buildings and some new questions in the City of Furies
  • And I’m throwing in a new map for you — Weyrd’s Place


Weyrd’s Place takes a bit of explanation. I wasn’t going to use it for anything except showing folks in my worldbuilding class how I use mapping to generate story ideas.

I threw together this little Minecraft map to demonstrate the different kinds of mapping you do using my process, I labeled stuff, wrote some demo questions on the signboards, and that was it. Done. I finished the class, put the map aside, forgot about it, and went back to my regular work.

I forgot about it.

My right brain did not, and I realized that this little area of South Florida was home to illegal aliens.

I write science fiction, so reread the previous sentence with that in mind.

The first story that grabbed me started in the dumpster in the back of Mang Wow’s Indescribably Delicious Diner.

The second I wrote is about a guy with an evil ex and a new guitar.

I have eight more to go, and I’m only working on them on some weekends because they’re just for fun.  They’re not anything anyone is waiting on.

But when they’re done, they’ll become Strange Arrivals 2.

Strange Arrivals was primarily fantasy. This collection will be SF set entirely in Weyrd’s Place. And it’s a slightly more ambitious project, because it also contains a connecting story told by one of the town’s alien residents.

But you can get all the spaceships and worlds here:

Spaceships and Worlds

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4 responses to “Have updated my SF Minecraft Maps (and added a new one)”

  1. dragon Avatar

    OK, just about hurt myself laughing. I think your aliens are related to my talking cats … they just keep popping into my head. Some day, I will have enough disposable income to purchase every last book you’ve written!

    1. Holly Avatar

      My aliens are… persistent.

      So persistent that I can’t resist sharing them. 😀

      1. dragon Avatar

        sounds like my cats and my dragons … I finally found a place for a couple of winged, shape shifting cats I’ve known for three decades or more? I’m thinking the cat stories, which range from flash fic to less than 1500 words may become Patreon rewards … I think I may have finally found my niche … fantasy humor. LOL.

        1. Holly Avatar

          That’s a spectacular niche, left hollow and sad by the deaths of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.

          If you could bring some light and joy back to the place, I’d jump all over it. It was one of my favorite genres to read.

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