Have a point. MAKE the point. Move on. (WARPAINT) #WABWM

By Holly Lisle


I thought I had one particular scene right on the FOURTH complete rewrite.

Woke up this morning, realized I’d missed it again. Paced, worked on spaceship design and content, paced, took a shower, paced, and figured out that I keep missing the damn scene because I keep getting sidetracked by nonessentials.

The scene has a point. One point. ONLY one point. Yet every damn time I write it, I end up adding this frill, that funny line, some neat bit of action…and I break the thing I’m trying to say.

Today, finally, I wrote down the One. Single. Point. I want this scene to show. And I’m going back in.


Made it to page 244 yesterday. Am currently 68% done with the type-in.

If I can get this scene fixed, maybe I can move on.

Happy writing. And I’ll be here this weekend.

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