Have a point. MAKE the point. Move on. (WARPAINT) #WABWM


I thought I had one particular scene right on the FOURTH complete rewrite.

Woke up this morning, realized I’d missed it again. Paced, worked on spaceship design and content, paced, took a shower, paced, and figured out that I keep missing the damn scene because I keep getting sidetracked by nonessentials.

The scene has a point. One point. ONLY one point. Yet every damn time I write it, I end up adding this frill, that funny line, some neat bit of action…and I break the thing I’m trying to say.

Today, finally, I wrote down the One. Single. Point. I want this scene to show. And I’m going back in.


Made it to page 244 yesterday. Am currently 68% done with the type-in.

If I can get this scene fixed, maybe I can move on.

Happy writing. And I’ll be here this weekend.

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6 responses to “Have a point. MAKE the point. Move on. (WARPAINT) #WABWM”

  1. JerryRace Avatar

    Holly, congrats on theyo aspirin, writing you’ve been doing. You’re an inspiration to ne. Had no energy for over a week. Coughed a lot and blew my nose more that write. Now thanks to aspirin, a liquid cough relief & ala seltzer sinus congestions tabs, I’m now all better.

  2. Gabby Avatar

    Got myself back into novel mindset after a long absence.
    Can’t wait to try WABWM again.
    I did a quick revise on my last 9 scenes because they were so “jump the shark” bad. Much happier now and I’m back on track.
    No new words/lost about 1000.

    Hoping for an early start tomorrow.

    Holly, good luck with your scene!

  3. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    @Holly – 5th times a charm?? Seriously though, best of luck with the one. single. point. When we buy the book will you divulge which scene this is? ‘Cause now I’m curious! Loving this look into the life of a writer.

    Ken and Felicia – kudos on kicking word butt!!! (now I have a ridiculous image in my head).

    Did a little word-butt kickin’ myself. Took too damn long – but flung out 2778 words for a NaNo total of 36016.

    Like you, Felicia – I wanted some breathing room around thanksgiving hence the push to actually FINISH with the 50K before next thurs.

    Ken – when I read your post, I had an ‘ah ha’ moment. The looooong scene I just wrote probably needs to be two different scenes as the characters are standing around in the dark too long. Those candles won’t last forever. Someone’s bound to burn a finger if I don’t keep ’em movin’.

    1. KenB Avatar

      Jen, 36016 … Nice!

  4. KenB Avatar

    Page 244 / 68% typed in … Good Job!
    As far as that one scene – you’ll nail it.
    On this end of the world, I got another 1 1/2 pages today. The scene I’m working on just became two, location changes partway through and I forgot about it (planned) until I wrote it out. Hmmm… Muse snuck it back in.

  5. Felicia Avatar

    Cheering you on Holly!!
    I’m going to be writing this weekend as well. I’m on par with Nano but with thanksgiving coming up and our family moving on the 29th, I want a nice cushion to fall back on so my goal for the weekend is 7,000 words. Last Sunday I wrote 7,200, the most I’ve ever written in a day so over two days I think I can make the goal.

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