Have A Good Weekend

Have been working since before the crack of dawn, and I’m now at 4151 words and 28 pages of working text (the Language Clinic has about ten printable/copyable worksheets at this point). Dumped the previous foreword, am aiming for the maximum of value per word and am cutting fluff. I’ve gotten up to the end of chapter three, and I’m taking the weekend off.

Will be back Monday. Hope your weekend is terrific.

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2 responses to “Have A Good Weekend”

  1. jessiegirl21 Avatar

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    I just wanted to tell you I can’t access your shop. I want to pick up a copy of “Way of the Cheetah” but can’t get in. Are you updating or just having a server problem?

  2. PJ Avatar

    Thanks! I hope you get to relax and unwind. Enjoy!

    See you Monday!

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