Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m off today. I get to celebrate the day with most of my family today…all except for my older son, the Air Force Kid, who is still over in the Middle East, and who is in my thoughts today.

I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ll be back here tomorrow. 😀

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37 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Gabby Avatar

    1744 for today. My two main characters are chatting and I don’t want to stop but football calls to me. :)) Hopefully it’s good, my characters are starting to put two and two together but it’s great, they are actually getting things totally wrong and backwards.. Yay.

  2. Gary Townsend (a.k.a. G D Townshende) Avatar

    I know I’m late on the Thanksgiving well-wishing, but Happy Thanksgiving anyway, Holly! 😀 Hope the Air Force kid is doing well. I’m former Air Force, and I’ve a brother in the Air Force Reserve who’s served out in that part of the world. He’s a jet engine mechanic, though, so he’s always on the flight line. I’m told that the flight line is always very well protected.

    I’ve finished that short story I was sharing about a while back (working title THE LIMNADES), and have moved on to writing another (working title HUMBLEBEE). Meanwhile, I’m now editing THE LIMNADES.

    Recently, I’ve been waking up with some fabulous ideas in my head, and have sometimes had some great ideas come to me just as I lay down to go to sleep. I’ve been writing them all down. One I was able to summarize in three or four sentences. The idea that came to me today was so complex it took nearly two pages to get it written down.

    I’ve also started to have the interesting experience of having my writing just pouring out of me faster than it has in the past, getting my daily goal of 1250-1350 words per day written in about 90 minutes instead of nearly 3 hours. Not sure why exactly this is happening, but I’m not arguing with the increase in productivity. It’s a welcome change.

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Wow- congratulations! I hope some time to be at that point too (where the story is just writing itself faster than I can type). I like the name Humblebees. Makes me very curious what it’s about.

  3. HannaBelle Avatar

    no word counts.

    I am notecarding my various stories, trying to get back into the habit of writing.

    Any suggestions what to write on days when the story is not it? I still want to write every day, even if not on THE story.

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Hi HannaBelle, I should probably not answer but I’ve been having the same problem. Just not wanting to write or focus on the story. Right now it’s helping to just open a blank doc and do a freewrite on what I want the scene to be about and what needs to happen. For some reason it’s been motivating me to get into the scene and just get writing and move the story forward. But also, I highly recommend the freewrite process from “Becomming a Writer.” Even though they weren’t WIP proper, I tended to write little fiction stories every morning so I have a notebook of ideas to go to when I need my next story.

  4. Greg Avatar

    Friday’s words (27/11/09):
    D&D: 665, the last two of which were ‘THE END’. Didn’t quite feel I ended with a flourish, but it was nice to get there regardless.
    OFL: 1126
    RFW: 1068
    I also found time to resurrect a novel I finished (my first!) last year and partially redrafted before losing hope. After a cursory re-working I think it might yet have a chance, so I’m hoping to pick that up this week, so look out for KavI. (It was the potential for continuation of the story that inspired me to go back to it and I’m knocking ideas around for kavII and kavIII as I do the rewrite so that I can weave some plot lines in early on.) And finally, on the subject of sequels, D&DII is currently in the brainstorming stage, with some sentence-per-scene ideas down. Plot-wise, it isn’t a sequel, but it features the same ‘heroes’.

    1. Teri Avatar

      Grats on finishing!

      Good luck with resurrecting your first novel.

    2. HannaBelle Avatar

      Yay!!! You got to the end. I aspire to your output, but I am not there yet.

    3. Larkk Avatar

      Congrats on the big finish!!
      It’s also interesting to see how your other projects are coming together.

  5. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    I actually took a few days off because I was sick. I know Holly’s probably up to her ears in alligators trying to get the new course off the ground.


    1019 words. (11/29/09)

    Ignoring the Bodyguard’s advice, The Princess has dinner with the Major who was, of course, listening in on the conversation between the Princess and the Bodyguard. The Major lets the Princess know this and wonders if she’s going to ask for the Bodyguard’s release. She doesn’t. She just wants to eat and get on with her life. Later there’s much necking going on at the Major’s quarters with some hot and heavy action when the Major feels something sting his back. He collapses. The Princess hides the syringe back into the shoulder of her blouse and then using the Major’s fingers and eyes to bypass the biometric security, logs onto his computer.

    I didn’t write for those 3 days not just because I was sick but I also had no idea where this scene was going or how it was going to end up. It really scared the living daylights out of me. This was like a watershed scene. And I really, really like where it’s going. I’ve got Midwestern Nights Dream by Pat Metheny playing on Pandora. Life is good.

    Now, if I can just meet some vicious deadlines at work…

  6. Gabby Avatar

    I didn’t do Nano (my project was started many months ago) but it’s kind of neat to break 50K in November. Yay, finally! 🙂 I wrote 2836 and finished a couple of scenes so very productive day.

  7. Phil Avatar

    And another 1375 for today (11-29-2009).

  8. Dean Horton Avatar
    Dean Horton

    SORRY i’ve let the side down none on Friday but 4965 for the week, anyway I know it’s late but ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ we don’t do that over here in the UK! But don’t worry about us you all ‘Go for it!’

    Dean H (UK)

  9. mikesmish@rocketmail.com Avatar

    Happy holiday(thanksgiving) to holly to everyone here .i have always read what you write everyday.i have believed it is helping to my level of english . in fact ,this is it. maybe i can to write a bit of it in future. now , my english is very poor yet . any way i like here and everyone here . thank you holly and everyone so much again. from china.

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Hello and welcome to the group!

  10. Larkk Avatar

    1436 words.
    But who can watch the word counter when there’s a marriage proposal involved? 🙂

  11. Leah Avatar

    Off myself for most of the week since Thanksgiving has taken it by storm. Fed a bunch of people at my house that day. It was great! Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

  12. Elise Avatar

    632 words

    To discover that the Merpeople are worth a little digging, and the Dryads, too. War councils will do that: bring unlikely people together.

    I’m new to this blog – though not new to Holly’s site. I decided last week to continue that book I’d shelved… and finish it.

    Thanksgiving in Canada is one month gone already, but hey, enjoy the celebration and the turkey! 🙂

  13. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    Happy Thanksgiving, though a little late. I had a wonderful day with an abundance of turkey and words. I wrote 1587 total. I really enjoyed the writing. Amazingly, my MC had a few of her follows come to give a second oath of loyalty to her. I was quite amazed.

  14. Phil Avatar

    1435 words of a scene I really liked. I never expected I would enjoy writing this scene, but I did. The Nazi prisoners were trying to be hard-asses, but the American sergeant put them in their place. They’ll be causing more trouble later.

    Holly, I hope your son had a good Thanksgiving. I was in the Air Force a loooooong time ago. They really try to help the guys get a bit of home during the holidays. It’s a tough time to be away. If the food is still as good as it was when I was in, he probably had better food yesterday than I did.


  15. Gabby Avatar

    I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I ended up playing it safe and staying home for the holidays (someone who sits right next to me at work came down with H1N1 and I decided not to cause risk to my elderly, frail grandmother or my 3 month old niece).

    I have not worked on WIP for a while. I’m not sure if other people have this problem too but I am very regimented. If I see something is going to interrupt my schedule in the near future, I’ll just take the current day off too. So Tues, I didn’t write even though I had time, etc., because I was going to be away on Weds and Thurs. And Thurs, so sad about missing the family get-together that I watched movies instead. I just didn’t want to sit down and focus on WIP.

    Tonight, after I get home from work, I plan to get back into the writing schedule. I really need to get better at writing if I have any time on that day. And also, the 2 hours is good but I’m finding that I don’t bother sitting down at my computer if I can’t give the whole 2 hours… that is definitely NOT what I had hoped to accomplish with my Nano goal. (10 mins needs to be good enough. Maybe Dec’s goal will be to sit down at least 5 days a week for whatever moments are available to me).

  16. Nancy Avatar

    No words today. Happy Thanksgiving everyone — I know I’m very grateful for this board and everyone on it.

  17. Jessica Avatar

    No words. Got stuck in traffic one bus stop from my building then discovered I had to walk across a crime scene to get home. Guy walking his dogs got hit by a car. 1 dog dead, which I would rather NOT have seen. Guy is in bad shape in hospital. He lives in my building too. 🙁

    Add that to my husband’s sudden knee injury, have to babysit the twins this weekend and the streak of social distractions continues. *sigh* At least I don’t have to worry about Black Friday tramplings!

    Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate it.

  18. Peggy Avatar

    1,019 on DG on Wednesday. Nothing on Thursday; family’s more important than the words, sometimes.

    Now it’s Friday morning, and I’m diving back in.

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

  19. Khena Avatar

    2200 words for me. They were horrible for the most part. I just coulnd’t write yesterday, probably because I wasn’t planning to, but my youngest son had a little problem at dinner so i had to bring him home. I was frustrated, and wrote for a while, but my Princess was acting like a real brat, and took an instant hatred to my MC. /sigh The story moved forward anyway, despite the bad feelings, and what I needed to be there is there. Other than that, it was a happy thanksgiving!

  20. Debora Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving, Holly.

    388 words.

  21. DasteRoad Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (even if being in Italy I don’t celebrate it :D)

    339 words for me on thursday 26, and another scene is done.

    The three guests prepare to leave, but Erthel won’t let them. Gathering all of her courage, she offers her help. And although the matriarch is initially dismissive (Erthel is more likely to be in need of help than able to help, in her eyes), Erthel knows what she can do. She can pray. Next scene I’ll show exactly what she means by this – and no, it’s not the usual “I’ll invoke a divine entity for salvation” type of prayer.

  22. Greg Avatar

    D&D: 662, and onto the final scene…
    OFL: 1073
    RFW: 1030

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Good luck on the final scene!

      1. Greg Avatar

        Thanks – felt I rushed it slightly, but on the whole it went okay and I got a nice little final touch as I was writing it…the rough bits can wait for the redraft!

        1. Gabby Avatar

          Congratulations! I’m glad you made it to “The End” (those two words are so magical).

  23. Teri Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving! (even if I am a day late, here)

    255 words today.

    Zhaer is wondering through the public rooms of the palace listening idly to the chatter of the nobles gathered to witness the king’s abdication the next day. Not having had much interest in the matter before, he realises for the first time that there is a suprisingly large number of people who are reluctant to accept Princess Laena as Raln’s first queen.

  24. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1288 words.

    After considering her current homeless predicament, The Princess goes back to the rebel Major who was nice to her to ask if he could create a new “legal” id for her and maybe loan her a communicator/computer for a bit. The Major asks where her “boyfriend” is and is happy to find out that she seems to have misplaced him. After a little talk, the Major realizes that the Princess’ “boyfriend” is the special forces soldier that they’re holding. He asks The Princess some questions but doesn’t really dig deep. He gives the bags The Bodyguard had with him as long as she agrees to go to dinner with him. She does. The Princess then goes to talk to The Bodyguard to figure out what to do. She wants to try to break him out; he wants her to leave as quickly as possible and get as far away as she can. She decides to try to talk The Major into freeing him over dinner, a plan the Bodyguard is not at all in favor of. He tries to let her know that as her bruises go down, her “real” face becomes more visible and that face has been plastered all over the tabloids several times. She gets his point but doesn’t want to desert him.

    The second scene of this was kinda fun to write. The Princess and hte Bodyguard are having to remain in character as boyfriend and girlfriend because they know people are listening but they’ve got to get their messages and points across as well. This is going to take some tweaking to get perfect.

    All of this is totally off the outline. At this point, I’m just writing to see where it goes and then updating my outline afterwards. Hopefully, I’ll be able to synch back up with the outline pretty soon.

    Oh. And I hab a code. My head is all stopped up. I feel terrible.

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Awww, poor baby… feel better, Pencil Neck — have a nice cuppa with lots of honey. Love your scene, it sounds like fun!

  25. Anouska Avatar

    Happy holidays, maestro, to you and your loved ones.


    I love getting your emails and updates.
    You’re truly awesome.

  26. djmills Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving, Holly.

  27. Khena Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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