Happy New Year!

I’m posting my New Year’s Resolutions again. You’re invited to post or link to your own, so that we can see what we’ve all got planned.

My resolutions come in very few flavors for the coming year—last year was a great education for me, and some things turned out better than I expected. What I have below are what I discovered worked for me last year; when I moved away from them, things went wrong. When I stayed true to them, things went right.

The objective this year is to do what I’ve found works and stay on my path, written out below.


TAO, which includings FAMILY, WORK, and SPIRIT

  • Chop wood, carry water.
  • Give thanks each day.
  • Be here now.
  • Look for lessons.
  • In all things, be the river, not the stone.


  • Breathe consciously.
  • Move with intent.
  • Each moment is its own victory—no past failures, no future glories.
  • Continue to eliminate all milk products.


  • Do every project first and foremost for the love of it.
  • Work first.
  • Simplify the day.
  • Remember that rest, too, has a purpose.

What are you resolving to do?

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7 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Cuyler Avatar

    My resolutions.

    Well I am joining the Canadian Army Reserves, so I need to get into shape if I am to survive the boot camp. So my goal is get into shape, start working out, and join the army.

    Oh, and write something, lol. I love writing, so, ya it won’t be hard ,lol.

  2. Rick Avatar

    After this past year, which has been awful and humbling and enlightening and upsetting in so many ways, I am paring down on resolutions. I have goals, of course, and things I’d like to see myself accomplished – but those are different.

    The only two things I legitimately resolve to do in 2007 are: Don’t quit and don’t die.

  3. TinaK Avatar

    A safe and happy New Year to you and your family Holly. Personally I’m looking very forward to this year coming up. After having gastric bypass and loosing 117 pounds this year I’ve finally got things to look forward to. Here is my New Year post:


  4. PolarBear Avatar

    Here are mine — perhaps I should also work on eliminating wordiness, but I didn’t want to plagiarize you. (grin)


  5. BookLover Avatar

    Holly, your books speak to my heart, and so do your New Year thoughts, especially, as Jason already said, the one on remembering why you write.

    For “Wit” — a year ago, I might have written what you just said (although I didn’t speak up then). You are in for such joy, such a ride, that I could nearly trade places and go back just to have all the discoveries you’re about to make – again.

    Holly, thank you for all that you’ve done, which has contributed greatly to my growth as a writer and perhaps, (dare I say it?) also as a person. I wish you and yours The New, The Bright, and The Happy, with love, for 2007.

  6. Chassit Avatar

    Good luck on those Holly! I like the do every project for the love. People often forget as deadlines creep in and things get tight why they even do what they do in the first place. Here’s hoping you don’t, and that writing stays as much fun now as it was when you first started.


  7. wit Avatar

    i really like that bit about the river and the stone. there are so many ways to take that but today i take it as *not* being the plodding voice of doom.

    i only found your blog/website the other day…how wonderful! especially the extensive series of articles for writers, which’ll take me weeks to go through carefully.

    anyway, just wanted to express my appreciation, and say happy new year. 🙂

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