Happy Fourth of July

By Holly Lisle

Happy Fourth of July.

In memory of the people who have fought and died to give us freedom, I’d like to make the following suggestion.

So that we can keep our freedom, let’s make corporate officers and board members personally, legally responsible for every criminal, negligent, or evil thing their corporations do. Every time one of them says, "We can save the company a billion dollars if we ignore that report that our product kills people and just deal with the lawsuits after the fact" — we get to SEND THEM TO JAIL. Or maybe even have them executed as accessories to murder.

Lean rich white guys in silk suits and ties, waiting for their turn on death row.

Works for me. And every time their corporations try to buy a senator or a congressmen or a president, we get to go directly after them.

You want to preserve your rights? Then we need to go after the corporations that are taking them.

Happy Fourth of July.

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