Halloween Tonk

Got an email from a reader who loved Talyn and wanted to make herself a Tonk Shielder uniform.

She used Talyn as her basic reference, and got a lot of the rest of the details from the Tonk Stuff I’ve posted online.

She asked me a few additional questions, though, I provided details, and she sent me her Halloween pictures, along with permission to post them here. I thought this was really cool, so I present to you, EJ, Tonk Shielder.

Start with the clan mark tattooed on her left hand. You can find ALL the Tonk Clan Marks here:

You’ll note that EJ is Clan Berdaa, (pronounced bair-DAY-ah) one of the New Clans.

EJ’s Tonk Clan Mark

I was able to provide a good description for the insignia on the beret–I hadn’t gone into detail on the battle ribbons, so EJ had to wing those.

Beret, Vest, Shirt with Battle Ribbons on Shoulder.

And finally, the full Tonk Shielder uniform with cap and beret.

EJ in Full Tonk Shielder Uniform

If you ever do a costume from one of my books, I’d love to see the pictures, and I’ll be thrilled to post them here.

(With, maybe, an exception for the bodyart in Hunting The Corrigan’s Blood. Nudity and all, you know.)

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9 responses to “Halloween Tonk”

  1. Claudette Avatar

    Now that’s impressive, EJ. I wonder how many adults go out as their favorite book characters.

    Holly, maybe you should do a poll to find out. Many go out as gaming characters and movie characters, but how many really go as BOOK characters. Trekkers don’t count, either.

  2. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    After having a severe cut in my left hand that needed 5 stitches, I’d say the Tonk warriors must be pretty tough. The injection for the sedation of my finger hurt so much that I screamed half the hospital awake. It hurt much more than the cut itself. 😉

    P.S. I like the costume a lot. Well done!

  3. Shawna Avatar

    Cool costume idea!

    And totally off-topic, but I’ve been wondering… Is the Create A World Clinic going back on the timeline at some point?

  4. JWD Avatar

    Since she’s white, does that make her a Honky Tonk?

  5. Tess Avatar

    Super cute costume!!! 🙂
    PS; EJ rocks. I miss her a LOT.

  6. TimK Avatar

    Wow! This is so kewl!

    BTW, I’ve always wondered what some of the skin and hair color combinations in Cady Drake’s world would look like in real life.


  7. Texanne Avatar

    EJ, I love this! You are a rockstar seamstress and costumer. Is it time for Hollycon? Beautiful.

    1. EJ Avatar

      Seamstress? LOL. That shirt was made when I got it; all I had to do was dye it green. Even less work went into the beret, the pants and the vest.

    2. jack randall Avatar
      jack randall

      Yes it definately is time for HollyCon – if it existed i would definately go.
      P.S. Great Costume – made me want to read Talyn again.

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