Guinea pig/winners announced

HeatherCW and onesikmonkee, providing they can get edits and comments back to me by WEDNESDAY evening, win the roles of Culture Clinic guinea pigs.

If either of them can’t, I’ll do a second run through the entries, and struggle to choose again.

These were very tough choices, and there were a lot of folks who will still be in the running.

And thank you again, everyone, for your wonderful entries, which DID make me feel better.

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3 responses to “Guinea pig/winners announced”

  1. theforcewithin Avatar

    Yeah… congrats to THE TWO. 🙁 (a tear).

    I was hoping. But then again, so were the other 25 (or so) folks.

    Anyway, good luck. TO ALL

  2. shawna Avatar

    Have fun y’all! Probably good I’m not a piggie… I’d be too tempted to call in sick to work Wednesday. (Which says a lot— since I pretty much have to be dead to call in sick, lol.)

  3. Carlie Avatar

    Congrats to those who won. And have fun!

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