Green Magic I

Green Magic I is the working title of the pseudonymous on-spec project I’m putting together for unnamed Editor B.

My goal on this is 10,000 words between today and tomorrow, to include the first three chapters, a synopsis, and my ideas on other books in the series.

I’ve done some backgrounding, and did a huge amount of thinking over the holidays about this project. I’m hoping the writing itself will go quickly.

Can’t say too much about the book, but it’s got a very cool black-ops government witch as the heroine, and a guy who was a member of a mercenary team that rescued kidnapped Americans from hostile countries as the hero. And the villian is wicked, and based on a real-life example. I think it will be fun.

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16 responses to “Green Magic I”

  1. nicolane Avatar

    I’m with RJ on the Lawn Mower Repair Novel (and having just read the Worldbuilding series – I can’t wait to see the Lawn Mower Language and exciting glimpses into the culture LOL)

  2. Chassit Avatar

    Oh! That’s great!

  3. PJ Avatar

    Holly – you could probably write about Lawn Mower Repair, and I’d read it. 😉

  4. Holly Avatar

    Bettye—This pace isn’t too bad for short bursts. I can go for about two weeks like this before I have to fall over.

    The one that really killed me was having a deadline moved up on me, and finishing a project by doing about 15,000 words in twelve to fourteen hours. (I’m not sure of the numbers anymore—this was years ago. But somewhere I’m pretty sure I mentioned it while the pain was still fresh in my mind.) I made the deadline and the novella (Knight and the Enemy, in THE ENCHANTER REBORN) remains something I’m quite proud of. I don’t get to do funny very often, and it was funny.

    But I was shot for about a week afterward.

  5. Holly Avatar

    Rick and Tina—Thank you. Writers dream of readers who will follow them across genres. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Scott—The heroine is lightly-freckled, auburn-haired, green-eyed, and about 5′ 8″.

    And I don’t think I’d use Vandalay, Von Nostrom, or Pennypacker either. I’m considering Dickens, Twain, and Hemmingway, though. 😉

  6. scottbryan Avatar

    I have a friend who NEVER reads fiction much less fantasy/SF. But if you can make the hero ANYTHING but 6ft+, blond and blue-eyed this one could be the exception.
    And could there be anything more fun than cooking up a nome de plume? Though I wouldn’t use Vandalay, Von Nostrom or Pennypacker : )

  7. TinaK Avatar

    I am also part of the intersecting audience and I’m so very glad that I’ll be able to continue to find all of your books here. This one sounds very interesting and I can’t wait to hear more.

    Good to see you back!

  8. Rick Avatar

    *is part of the very small intersecting audience*

  9. Holly Avatar

    Jean, Bettye, Jason, pugh—This will be a “loose” pseudonym (one that is publicly known.) It will be in place because my career is shifting in two directions at once. I’m adding more fantasy (with the YA books) but I’m also adding more paranormal and suspense romance. And these two parts of my career have almost (almost) non-intersecting audiences. For those who read cross-genre, I’ll keep both sets of books listed on this site, and keep folks up to date with what’s next in both lines.

    The secrecy with both editors A and B is simply because I haven’t signed with either, yet, and announcing editors before you have them seems to me bad business.

    And the fact that I haven’t posted the pseudonym is because I haven’t figured out what I want it to be yet. My husband hates all the ones I’ve come up with so far. We went through three books of baby names debating the kidlet before he was born—I figure renaming me is going to be a tough sell, too.

  10. Holly Avatar

    Katherine—Wool? WOOL? Oh, yeah. I can recommend fantabulous wool. With pics and links, evennn. Exit, stage left. (See next post.) 😀

  11. Bettye Avatar

    10,000 words in 24 to 48 hours. I feel for you. I’ve done it, but it makes me tired just to think about it.
    May I recommend Ben-Gay patches for the ensuing aches afterwards?
    Good luck with your marathon.
    Hmm, if you are doing something with a pseudonym are you allowed to tell fans in private emails about the name or is that a no-no?

  12. klharrds Avatar

    It’s a shame we can’t find out what these are, sounds like it would be a great read.

    If you have any spare time today, (which sounds unlikely) can I ask a favour?

    I’m buying my mum some wool for a knitting project for her birthday. She’s going to pick that out. I want to spend a bit more on her than she’ll choose but don’t know anything about different wools etc, so… if some one were to spend $300 on wool for you, what would you choose?

    Thanks if you get the time.

  13. Chassit Avatar

    I can’t wait to read it, Holly! I’ll probably never find it because my Walmart doesn’t even carry your books and you’ll be writing under a pseudonym, but I can dream, right?


  14. PolarBear Avatar

    Thanks for the clarification, pugh7755.

  15. pugh7755 Avatar

    I have been Wiccan for nearly five years now, and I like your concept of a witch as a heroin and not some green, pimple nosed hag flying on a broomstick or cooking children in a cauldron (thanks a lot Shakespeare for that image).

    As far as Wiccan chaplains go, the U.S. Army designated a Wiccan chaplain for Wiccans in the military mainly for moral support; however, Wiccans consider themselves as their own chaplains (priest or priestess). In covens, there are High Priests and High priestesses, but each member in and of themselves are Priests and Priestesses, as are solitary Wiccans like myself.

    I can’t wait for this one, Holly. Good luck.

  16. PolarBear Avatar

    A black ops government witch? That just screams for some great lines — and situations. On the other hand, Wiccans are recognized by DoD. We don’t have any Wiccan chaplains to my knowledge, but we didn’t have Muslim chaplains until ten years ago. Lots of possibilities here.

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