Got the words, new book up

Got over 2000 words today, and love the twist the story just took. The old man has oddly bright eyes, something that means quite a lot. And Genna just made a promise that’s going to come back to haunt her.

How to Have a Civilized HorseIn other news, Elizabeth Baldwin has finished How to Have a Civilized Horse, a wonderful book for writers as well as riders. I’m delighted to be able to present it in the shop.

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5 responses to “Got the words, new book up”

  1. TinaK Avatar

    That I never thought of – the breaking of the links. My site, when I took the main part of it down, didn’t have any links to it. The ‘hazard’ of obscurity I suppose. 🙂 I really like the new look though. Very professional and smooth.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Tina, I’ve considered all sorts of CMS programs. The problem with all of them is that the thousands of links that come into my site would all break.

    Because I use SSI extensively, I generally only have to change a few files on the site to update every page. This time, it’ll be a major overhaul. But usually, it’s not so bad.

    And I’m really glad y’all enjoy the teasers. I love doing them.

  3. TinaK Avatar

    Have you considered converting your whole site over WordPress? You can do multiple pages, have the same navigation and header and….when you re-design again it’s just editing the templates and not having to touch every single page. The latest upgrade to WP has given a few more options and more flexability (such as setting one page to the ‘home page’).

    And I love the teasers – it really whets the appetite for whatever you’re writing at the time.

    Thanks for all you do.

  4. Holly Avatar

    I tease. I don’t want to do spoilers for books that aren’t even finished yet, but I’m having such fun with this story, and I’m so excited about the way it’s turning out, I have to say something or I’ll explode.

    As for the blog design, this is just a stock template. I’m redoing the navigation for the whole site, and not having much fun with it. I used to love reworking the site, but now I’m having to figure out how to do the same header across a bunch of non-related software in order to tie the whole site together. It isn’t just HTML anymore. It’s SSI, and PHP, and XHTML, and reading software manual when they’re available, and guessing when they’re not. Whee, boy howdy.


  5. TinaK Avatar

    It’s just so darned fun to ‘watch’ you write books Holly. You’re such a tease sometimes. *laugh*. And another new blog design? Busy lady.

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