Got the Words

Night Echoes started falling into place today. Got 2000 words. Will work on Hawkspar this afternoon. Right now, I’m starting into an open-ended fantasy proposal that has to be put together by next Monday. I am mapping, worldbuilding, language creating, and character-developing like mad—paper flies from my fingertips like lightning from the hands of mad Old Gods.

Plus… got potentially kick-ass cool news on The Ruby Key, but nothing I can talk about yet.

I am very tired. But very happy.

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2 responses to “Got the Words”

  1. PJ Avatar

    Okay. Okay. Come on…it’s been…what? Two days? Surely you can spill the beans now… Can’t you? A hint? A limerick? Something?

    🙂 Glad to hear things are moving along.

  2. TinaK Avatar

    See, even in your blog you know how to leave a reader hanging and wanting to come back for more! 😀

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