Got the Words

Got over 2000 on the paranormal, as yet untitled, but currently known as SHADOW MUSIC, plus revising everything I wrote yesterday.

Got 2000 and change on the Language Clinic. Have to do an illustration for the written languages section, and write in supporting text for that, and then it will be finished. I figure I’m about 500 words from finished. Will wrap it tomorrow.

Did not get my pages of revision on HAWKSPAR yesterday, so those are my next item.

Overall, however, the schedule is working out, and I feel good while doing it.

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2 responses to “Got the Words”

  1. unxplaindfires Avatar

    Hey Holly,

    I have to say that you’ve gotten me hooked on podcast. I was listening to a few others, it has become a guilty pleasure, and heard a bump for your show. It included my question and the dreaded name-that-shall-not-be-used. I had to blush, it reminded me of the show that featured it and I was laughing all over again.
    Point being I just wanted to thank you again. All my characters are named and the end is fast appoarching, and in all honesty it would not be if it wasn’t for you. Many people, friends and family alike, laughed at my “writer’s ambition”, but you, a complete stranger no less, has offered a helping hand instead of a closed fist. Whether I am ever published or not, I feel like I once did. “My writing means something, even if I’m the only one reading it.”

    Thank you


  2. Angelique Avatar

    Yahoo! You must be so excited!

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