Got the proposal off to Robin, and Jenny Crusie puts one into the net

The REFUGEE proposal is out the door and with Robin now. Finishing it took all morning, but I’m very happy with what I got.

And you have to read this post by Jenny Crusie on Clue Cake, Anonymity, and Other Unprofessional Behavior. It’s brilliant, and she’s right.

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9 responses to “Got the proposal off to Robin, and Jenny Crusie puts one into the net”

  1. Taymalin Avatar

    The sad thing about Ms. Snark’s blog is that a lot of newbie writers take her word as handed down by the gods. I can’t count how many times I heard a writer who was new to the business say “I can’t do that, Ms. Snark says…”


  2. Holly Avatar

    Alastair–it’s probably a simple fix. I don’t have time to play with it right now, though.

  3. Alastair Bridgewater Avatar

    Holly, the only difference between the search on the main page and the search on a post is that the “action” part of the form on the post is broken (at least needs a “/writingdiary2/index.php” prepended to it). I’m not familiar with WordPress templates, but one would hope that’s a fairly simple thing to change.

  4. zette Avatar

    Actually, Miss Snark said to never ever never ever say anything bad about your publisher, whether you are right or not.

    I found that almost as troubling as her telling people it was perfectly all right to post their stories in their blogs.

  5. eitje Avatar

    well, miss snark was just restating a commonly held internet belief: don’t say things on the internet that you wouldn’t want someone else to know you were saying.

    of course, she forgot the second half of that little bit of knowledge, so she just said “don’t say things on the internet”. 😛

    nonetheless, as long as you’re okay with everyone knowing how you feel on a subject, the internet is a great place to go. 😛 *tips hat to holly & her writing diary*

  6. Holly Avatar

    milady–don’t use the search engine from a post. Use it only from the front page. I have no clue what’s wrong with this template, but I haven’t had time to bother with it. I’ll probably go to a new one when I dig out from under (at the same time I redesign the site {deep sigh}).

  7. miladyinsanity Avatar

    Good luck with the proposal!

    Um, Holly, I’m very very very very very very sorry, but whilst looking for your post on allegory in your work (the one where you tell us the one you put into the book), I appear to have broken your site’s search engine.

  8. MattScudder Avatar

    She’s right on the money. Many theorize that Miss Snark isn’t an agent at all because what good agent would have so much time to waste with immature blog posts when she should be working for her clients?

    The only reason I want to know Miss Snark’s identity is to make sure I never work with her in the future.

    Thanks for the link. Jennifer Crusie is great.

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