Got the Internet Back

Spent all day and all night yesterday without Internet — our cable service experienced a fairly large outage in our area, and it was evidently tough to track down. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to being able to check the weather and get a satellite picture of what is happening right over your house right at that moment, or anywhere else you want to see — and how difficult it is to adjust to weather delivered on other people’s schedules, and with moronic weathermen to boot.

We watched an outer band of Katrina glide over us yesterday. We got rain from it, and I got chills, knowing where the eye was and figuring the size of the storm from that. My thoughts are with the folks in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi right now. I know there are people who decided to stay; I wish they hadn’t. I dread the horror stories that are going to come from the clean-up crews when this is over.

Spent the weekend working on the revised outline for Claire to give to Kara — I still have work to do on that, and will finish it today before moving on to HAWKSPAR.

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